Monday, October 24, 2011

Power of Prayer!

Yesterday was a good day! I had heard from Justin on Saturday morning and I knew he was doing good...just not getting his mail as quick as I would like but he was GOOD!!

So at the end of the service Ganky as that our Pastor to anoint Bradley and pray for Justin...I never question prayer but kinda thought it was strange for Ganky to do that knowing we had JUST heard from him. Bradley was anointed and I know that extra prayers just keep him covered a little more!

So then again last night I got in bed late...My Bradley needs some of those prayers! He is going through a break up with his girlfriend and he is so tender hearted he is not dealing with it well! So anyways...about 2:30 my phone rang and well it was Justin!! He once again is doing good!! We talked for a good long time and I just love it that when he gets to a phone he calls!! :) It makes me one happy mama!!

So now back to the anointing of prayer...Justin began to tell me that while on patrol about 8:30 or 9:00 on sunday night which was about 12:30 or 1:00 our time he found an IED and it was a BIG one...10 pounds!! It would have killed him!!!! We both knew that when he was telling me this!!! Then he was hunting the secondary one and never found it!! Later the bomb guys came to the squad leader and said who ever was out hunting that second one was all over the pressure plate but it did not go off!!!

Well I can sure tell you why!!!! Ganky felt it in her heart to have Bradley anointed and well that is why...THE POWER OF PRAYER!! It kept Justin safe from that IED blowing him up!!! My heart is full and I was telling Justin all about this after he had to told me and his words were

"Ganky always needs to follow her heart because that prayer saved my life!!!"

If you don't believe that there is a God...Just say a little prayer and see what he can do!!

Thank you Jesus for answering prayers and Thank you Ganky for following your heart!!!!

Keep Praying....IT WORKS!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Please keep Praying!!!

This is my son and I miss him terribly!!! I did get to speak to him this week...he got the sat phone and so he called me !!! I love him so much and will be so glad when all this is over!!!