Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bless Me....

That is what I seem to being alot of these days! And from what I understand it is only the beginning!! I have to watery eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat and constant sneezing!! I can take some medicine for my allergies and get some relief!! I love Spring time and the beautiful weather so....NOT complaining!!!
So Yesterday, I went to the school and had my Orientation!!!!
Everything that they discussed I already knew and had done! I got my ID made and my parking permit and I have to go and get my computer set up at the computer lab Friday and then I will be all ready to start on MONDAY!!! Thanks for all the encouraging words and I know that this is gonna be the best thing that I could do for my future!!
Then after everyone got home I needed to go and get Bradley some pants to wear Sunday! He has grown so much and has NO pants that fit him!! We had looked in the Kids department and thought that he may be able to wear like an 18 or 2o but NO....we had to go to the MENS department!! He had to get a 30/30!!! I can't believe that just a year ago he was wearing a 14/16 in boys...He has grown up so much in the past year!!! SO now we have everything for the weekend except for what I am gonna cook!! We will have our family Easter Egg hunt Sunday and my sister Barbara house and I can't wait to watch the little ones hunt!! I miss my babies being small and hunting eggs!! :(
Well, I know...NO PICTURES!!
Sorry...You all have a wonderful day!!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Phone calls are starting to come in for Justins Company so maybe I will get one soon!! :)
Keep praying...IT WORKS!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

School Days!! now it is that time!!!
I will be starting school!!
I go today for my orientation and then I will have to go to the lab one day this week and then every Monday and Wednesday from that point on!!

So you all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Monday, March 29, 2010


US three together...Theresa, Tracy and Me...Off we went to the funeral for the teens that were killed in the wreck!! And it was such a blessing to attend!! Leave it to us 3...we stick together and are always there to hold each other up!!!
And well it being Avery's Birthday we wanted to be able to spend a little time with her and off to Longhorn we all went an had a very delicious dinner and enjoyed our time together with the family!!!

My heart is so warm and full this morning and I just love my famliy so much!! It is just so wonderful for us to be together and it is the best medicine that anyone could ask for!!
You all have a wonderful Monday...we again will be celebrating Avery's Birthday at the
Pre-School!! SOOO pictures to come!!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

4 years ago today...

This precious little girl came into my life!!
I had been staying with Alex and when we found out Tracy was having another baby I thought...How can I love another one...Well I can and this one is a mess!! She is such a joy...She loves to be loved on and snuggled with and well she just knows how to work her Aunt Cindy!!

Me, Jeff and the kids gave her this bicycle!!

She LOVED it!!

Here are my two girls...They know that they have my heart and that I love them so very much!!

And I just love this picture...she had been on the slide at her party and well ye it rained but look at her...She is such a little doll!!

So this day is such a special day...My world changed and I love it!!



You all have a great day!

~Till Tomorrow~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Pictures

I had to take Bradley to the doctor yesterday...He has a sore throat a lot and so they are going to refer me to an ENT to get his tonsils out!! At least once a month we have to go to the doctor!! SO after that we decided to take some spring pictures...
Here is Britani with her little dog Dixie!!

Here are the twins and Dixie would not stay out of the pictures...see her right behind Britani!!
SO we had to go put her up and finish the pictures!!

And this is my Favorite!! I can't believe they are so grown up!! I just wish it was all 3 of my kids but I still do for the twins and will maybe photo shop Justin in(TRACY)!!! HAHA!!

Then the Pastor of our church called and wanted to go eat Mexican!!

SO that was my day!! You all have a great day today...I am going to the Cherry Blossom Festival!! FUN FUN!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you Lord

As I did my post yesterday I never knew what was happening just about 20 miles away from me!! My Dear sweet sister Theresa's husband Marc was in a horrible accident!! And I mean it was horrible...we are so thankful to still have him!! He was taken to the hospital to check him out and he is just sore and probably REAL sore today!! But the others that were in the car that hit him...They didn't make it!! :( Please pray for Theresa, Marc and the Family of those two!!
I today have even more to be thankful for than I did yesterday!!!
This is how my day went:
I had just got off the phone with my sweet Justin and Tracy called..."Marc has been in a wreck, Mom needs me and I need you!" So off I go!! Took the babies to school and just worried until I heard from Theresa or Tracy!! And so they got Marc check out and home they all came! I went to send out packages to Marines and then Theresa called and said that she thought she could use some of that Ham I was cooking!! So I gathered up Ham, Potatoes, Green Peas, Mac and Cheese, Sweet potatoes, Corn Bread Muffins and Sweet Tea!!
At the end of my day I just prayed that I was so thankful and know that the good Lord was just watching over Marc!
I love my family so much and I would move the world for any of them if I could!! We all pull together and pray for each other and help each other through what ever is going on in this life!!
So that was my yesterday...Thankful and ready for this new day that the Lord has Given us!!
You all take care...Have a good day!
~Till Tomorrow~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

As Time goes by!!

As time goes by...I think about where I am and if I am where I would like to be in life!! I think that everything is good and I know that God is in control of everything!! I am so glad that God doesn't have one of these clocks!! He does things in his time...not Ours!!!
I am having one of those Thankful Thursdays!!!
I have so much to be thankful for...God has blessed me in so many ways!
I would like to hear something that you are thankful for!!!!
I look forward to the special comments!!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Really...

What a day I had...My neck has just about got me and the doctor said that I should just go see a chiropractor! Well I didn't...they want you to come back way to many times and I don't have the time for all that!! I will be will work its way out!!
So on to my blog...
I have been so very blessed to be able to talk to this fella so much this week!! He was allowed to take some other fellas back to a camp and well that had given him some much needed R & R!! He has been taking lots of showers and eating all kinds of hot meals!! GOD is so good!! He knew just what we both needed and he once again has just showed out!! He will be at this camp at least until the 26th so We have said that he got him a weeks vacation!! And he has so enjoyed it!!
The USMC might have just sent him because that is what they thought they wanted to do but I know who did this...the USMC just is who the good Lord was working through!!

But when I had to hear that he has not showered in over a month and has just been eating those MRE'S...this is what I say:

And he really has grown up to be my HERO!!!

You all have a wonderful day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pain in the Neck!!

Ok...No pictures...I don't even have much to blog about...I have a crick in my neck and well I can't move my head very good!! I got up with it yesterday just a little but then I wore a pair of crocs and well I tripped with them on and it finished grabbing my neck into just a horrible crick!

You all have a great day!

~Till Tomorrow~

Monday, March 22, 2010

Twice within 24 hours!!!!

Well Hello everyone!!! I know when you see this face you all know what has happened....Thats right Ladies....I got me a phone call...twice!! Last night and this morning!!! He is so precious!! He got to go back to camp and take some other soldiers back and he and another guy got chosen to take them...take about prayers being answered!! He got to get him a shower and some good hot food and well just in general he is in a life of luxury!!! Prayers are working!!

I would love to get my hands on him but...good long phone calls are PERFECT!!!

You all have a great day...I know I will!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loads and Loads...

Yes that is right I had loads and loads but not of fun...OF GRAVEL!! I was so busy I forgot to take pictures so I just had to find one on the computer but we made two trips to go get gravel in Jeffs truck and buddy are we whooped!!

We worked in the garage and got it all cleaned up and I got all Justins stuff together so that I can get it washed and ready for when he comes home it will be smelling fresh and clean!! Still no word from him now in 10 days...I am just going on the "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS" !!

Today is a very special Birthday Party...AVERY MICHELE!!! Her Birthday is next week but we are having the party today!!! Pray the rain holds off ....we have a castle slide coming!! You all have a great day...gotta run get ready for church!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome S P R I N G !!!!

Good Bye Winter and Hello Spring!!! I am so happy...I know that we still may have some cool weather but I am SO happy that Spring is here!!
I love easter and every thing about it Spring!! Look and this precious little bunny and the blooming flowers!! Who wouldn't love it?

We worked in our yard all afternoon yesterday and well we will be back at it today!! We have a lot of mud that we are having to deal with and so Jeff and the Twins are gonna be putting down some gravel today to help with this muddy mess!! I love these sunny days...I will be opening my windows and doing some spring cleaning today!! Just think...My Marine will be home in the lets work through this season and on to the next!! hehe!!

You all have a great day and enjoy this sunshine!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Wonderful Evening!!!

I have been so down this week I really needed a pick me up...And I got just that!! Leah and Bailey came over for dinner!! I made home-made spaghetti sauce and we had salad and bread and I made a peach cobbler and it was just a perfect evening!!

Leah was such great support during bootcamp and she is just as wonderful during deployment! I can't imagine how I would make it through with out her!! She knows about all this USMC stuff and just can't help me all along the way!!

It was a Wonderful Evening!!

Have a great day!
~Till Tomorrow~

Keep praying...It works!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pity Party!!

Well Not a lot going on for me...I have been getting things done at Work for Avery's Birthday Party Sunday, so that has kept me busy at work! I am having Leah and Bailey over for dinner tonight and so I have been straightening up around here some!! So just not a lot going on...

So blah blah blah!!!

I have been missing my Justin a lot the past couple of days and so that has given me the BLAHS!!! I know that I am lucky to get to talk to him as much as I do...But he has been gone for 3 months and that is just a lot for a mama to take!! I think that it just has gotten to me for some reason and that is just the way it is!! Deployment is hard and I am really feeling it this week!! I always try to look at the good, you know that it is almost over and he is doing good but I sure would like to get my hands on him!! Lynda, I just don't know how you do it! You haven't seen Billy in a year!! My heart hurts over this 3 months...can't imagine!!

Ok, well enough of my pity party...You all have a good day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...THEY WORK!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday!!

Happy Birthday GG!!!
#40 its not so bad...I have enjoyed it for the 4 months that I have been 40!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day!!

This is my niece Regina...Born on St. Patricks Day!!

Well that is about it for me today!!

Have a wonderful day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying....THEY WORK!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Boxes packed and ready to go!

Ok...I have packages packed and ready to go!! I had several people at church this week to give me either money or food/snacks to send to Justin and so that is what I am gonna do!!
3 of the 4 boxes are for Justin and the other one is one that I fixed up for a friend of his!

Not everyone gets as many packages as others! Wentworth get packages but I wanted to send him some stuff that he and Justin can sit and eat together!!
One of these packages going out has the biscuit and cornbread in the mason jars in it with some other great food!! He is just gonna love it!!(I hope!!)
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Let's keep those prayers going....THEY WORK!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Time changes...

I love the fact that Spring is coming but....I HATE the time change!!! I just don't like change in general and this really messes me up!! My body is confused!!I guess I will adjust and get use to it and then it will be time to change it again...UGH!!!
You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep those Prayers going....THEY WORK!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party for GG!!

This is my niece Regina!I call her GG and I have forever!! She is 4 months younger than me!!

Her Birthday is St. Patricks Day!! But we had her party last night!!
I did good...I didn't even eat a piece of cake and it sure looked DELICIOUS!!!

I made her a sign and she got lots of nice gifts!! She loves butterflies and she got several things that was so beautiful!!

I did the napkins...aren't they cute...I R SMART!!! :)

We all had a wonderful time and all of the children played and run and just it was a GREAT party!!
Alex had some really cute hair bows in her hair and they were falling out and so she asked me if I would keep them for her and so I stuck them in my hair and she took my picture!!

They were so cute!!

Ok well off to get ready for church!! You all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~
Keep those prayers going!!!

He like biscuits, he likes cornbread...

Well Justin seems to be very hungry and I just can't stand it so I am gonna try to send him a few little things that only he can get at home!!
Today I am gonna try to make our Marine Home-made Biscuits and Cornbread in Mason Jars!!
And send him some pear preserves and let him try that out!!

I will show you how it does!!!

Have a great day! Keep those prayers going!! THEY WORK!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Friday, March 12, 2010

Twice in a week!

Lord have mercy on my soul!! Good Lord help me...Twice in one week...a phone call from that Marine of mine!! I thought something was wrong when it showed up that it was him!! But no...they still had the phone and so he called his mama!! He was doing good and wanted to ask me to send he some real cokes!! I guess he is thirsty, just like when he was a little guy!! He use to always tell me "Mama, I am so Tursty!!!"(with that southern draw!) haha!!

So off to the store I will go and get him a 12 pack and send it on its way!! He had gotten cereal from Ganky and asked for some more and more milk...He LIKED that!! Good job Ganky!! He said that Tracy had some really good snacks in her boxes and that well he just was hungry and was waiting on a mail drop and was really wondering what all he might be getting today!! Poor fella...I wish I could send him the grocery store and especially now that he can cook stuff over a fire!! Didn't know that until just this phone call!! So I will be gathering up stuff that he can have and cook over fire!! So anyways...I could go on and on but I will go and I will be having me a wonderful day!!! He puts a smile on my face!!

Keep them all in your prayers....Not just mine but all of those serving!!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Nice Man!!

This week is just moving right along!
I am ready for the weekend...not a lot going on!! I want to REST!!
But on with my blog...
With Yesterday being Wednesday I went to mail my packages and well of course there is always a line. I got up to the counter and was talking to the guy he was telling me how I really know how to pack those flat rate boxes and get my money worth!! And then out of no where this man walked up behind me and said...
"Iraq or Afghanistan?"
I responded..."Afghanistan"
Little man said: "LCPL...Must be Marine?"
I said: "Yes son!"
Little man said: "My son was in the Marines"
And he went back and got in line!!
so I went on with my packages and making sure that everything was right and went on to pay and the out of no where again the same Little Man walked up and paid for my packages to be shipped!!!
I was just floored!! I have been mailing packages for 4 months and NEVER has that happened!! I Thanked him and "Told him God Bless you!!!"
And I know God will Bless him for that!! He was just One Nice Man!!!
You all have a wonderful day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Phone did Ring!!

Well I had heard that Justin would be calling and I was on pins and needles all day!! Every time the phone rang I just knew it would be him!!! And so I went on with my day and just thought that he was not gonna get to the phone this time!! And then about 12:02a.m....

this sweet face was on the phone saying "Hey Mom!!!"
Oh what a sweet sound!!
Everything is good and he is getting packages and letters and he is loving it!! The other guys told him that no-one else can get mail when its mail drop time cause he takes up the whole thing!! I love it!! He informed me that even though he was getting so many snack packs...He had lost weight and that I was really gonna have to do some cooking so that he can get it back!! He gave me a list of things that he needs and so off to the store I shall go!! The one thing that he did say that he got in the mail that made him laugh was an invitation that Ganky had sent him!! Not so sure what it was but it made him laugh and then the thing that he has gotten that has made him miss home so bad was letters from Alex and Avery that Tracy had put in her box!!! He loves those babies and can't wait to see them!! But through that phone I was able to see that he had a smile on his face!!

I can't wait to get my hands on him!! But thank you all for your prayers!! He said....Mom those prayers are working...There have been so many times that I should have been hurt or not here anymore but due to everyone praying...I am fine!! Thank God!!

You all have a wonderful day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Friends + Gift + Proud = ME!!!

So I was off yesterday!! I had some stuff I needed to take care of but before time to do that I met up with these two!!
Left: Joan and Right: Theresa(Ganky)
We went to an Antique store...Not somewhere that I have never really went!! But thats where Joan wanted to go so that is what we did!! And I have to say I had a BLAST!!!

Look at Ganky...she was gonna play us a tune and maybe even sing us a song!!! And she could have done it she really does know just didn't play well!!!

And then we went here for lunch!! Yummy...Chargrilled Chicken Salad!!! We chatted and laughed and just enjoyed ourselves!!

Then after lunch...Look what I got!! Yes that is right...A gift for ME!! I had won the one year anniversary giveaway at
it was wrapped so pretty, I almost didn't want to open it! But I did!!

And it was loaded with goodies!!! Notepad, stickers, journal, post it notes, kitchen notes, Angel pillow, candle, night light, and a bird ornament!!! I love every single thing!!! It was so much fun to go through and look at everything!! Thank you Sis!!! I enjoy your blog and wouldn't make it through the day with out it!!

So now I have all my goodies home and I will show you all I got...2 Light Houses for a friend, A Black Boot for Britani, Salt and Pepper Shakers, An Apple Tea pot and Yes the table that all of my stuff is sitting on!!

Since we bought the new furniture we have been looking for a very small table to sit beside Jeff's chair and well I found one today!!! It is just perfect!! He is not like me...I have to have everything but the kitchen sink sitting beside me!! I want nail polish, polish remover, nail files, scissors, glasses, lotion and anything else I may need right here be side me!! All he wanted it for was for his coffee/tea and the remote control!! And that is about all it will hold so therefore it is PERFECT!!!
Then after my day we had Bradley's wrestling tournament!! It was fun and I have really gotten close to some of those parents and will miss them!! These are the coaches!! They really did a good job with giving out the all of the certificates!! They had really nice things to say about each one of them!! Bradley has been wrestling since the 7th grade and we love is a long sport and those tournaments last a long time!! But we only have one more year!! Bradley got his Varsity Letter last night so now we have to get a Letterman's Jacket!!

So this Monday was full and I enjoyed it completely!! I hope to have more days like this ahead of me!! I enjoyed be with friends, enjoyed getting my gift and My son made me VERY proud!! And that is it for me!!

Still hoping to get a phone call soon...Keep those prayers going!!! They all seem to be working...NO shots fired in 14 days!!! Yayy!! Maybe I will hear from him soon...And you will be the first to know when I do!!

Have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's going good!

Good Monday Morning!!
Sunday was a really good day...up and off to church we went! And then we came home for lunch! I am doing the DIET thing and I just do better at home!! SO that is where we ate!!
Then I had gotten me one of these!!

It was full of coupons!! I went through all the sale papers and didn't really see anything but I saved out the coupons for me to cut them out and try to save a little money! So now I am off today and I have a meeting today but before that I will be meeting up with my sister and Joan for so antique store shopping!
You all have a good day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Only one thing would have made this day better....

Oh what a gift I got!! Lynda...I love everything!! And you have never even been to my house and the oven mitt and pot holder matches PERFECT!!! I love the candles and the holders!!! They are just precious!!!

And well this...I couldn't have asked for anything that I love any better!! It went straight out on my porch beside my door!! I am starting to think of things that I want to do to decorate for my Marine's homecoming!!! And that is definitely part of it!!!

I had won several giveaways lately and this was my first to arrive!!
Thank you Lynda I love it so much!! Now you all go and check her out...well I think that you all do that anyways but I will add her link just in case!! She is my sister that got separated from me...NO not really but we are so much alike and have only met at our boys USMC boot camp graduation!! I feel like I have Known her for so many years!!

You all enjoy your day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Book that I Needed!!

Well this is ME!!! And as much as most everyone may love ME...I need to loose weight!! I know that as well as anyone that looks at me!!! But I still think I am cute...My mama always said you are not better than anyone else but you can look just as good as the next one!! So THAT my friends is what I keep in mind and I have told it to my children too!! I may not have all the finest things in life but I make the best of it!!
I was so happy cause this picture was taken Sunday after I had talked to My Marine!! haha!!

Ok so on to the loosing weight part!! I really didn't want to have to count points or calories and Tracy had been doing this and I found us the book!!

I started it on Wednesday and seem to be really doing good! Not hard and can eat even if we got out!!
So enough of that!!!
I WON another blog give-away!!
It was someone that is very special to me!! She is always there to have kind words to say to me even on my very worst days!! She is the rock of my family!! My mama passed away when I was just 18 and she stepped up and tried her best to help Daddy finish raising me!! She took such wonderful care of my Daddy when he was sick!! She as supported my Marine in so many ways...Letters, Cards, Packages and most of all her love and prayers!!!
Go here and check her out:
I am so proud to call her my Sister but she is also my friend!!
You all have a great day...looks like it is gonna be beautiful!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Friday, March 5, 2010

Just about couldn't

Well I just about couldn't do a post today!! I have my Internet and Cable through this company and well it was out when I got home yesterday and in and out through the night!! But I got it on long enough for a post!! And can you imagine being the one to answer the phone and calling...Yes...I understand that there is an outage in my area but I think that it really needs to be fixed NOW!! I do a blog every day and I have people waiting and expecting it to be here before I go to work!! Yes....I understand that the Techs are working on it and it will be back on soon...Well how long do you think cause not only do I do a blog but ...
I have to be able to get on face book!! See mam....My son is deployed and that is my way of connecting with the other Marine Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends, and Aunts!!! SO do you please think that you could get this back up and running soon!! I am gonna go crazy!! And her final response was...Ms. Simmons, I understand that you want/need this back on and the techs are working to get to back. I am so sorry and please just give us a little only went out 5 minutes ago!! Haha!!
So I figured out I am ADDICTED!!! haha!!
SO on to something else!! I have ordered Justins welcome home sign and this is the picture I used!! He is so darn handsome and I could about stick my hand through this computer and just pinch him!! haha!! I miss him so much and I just get chills when I just think about him coming home!!

You all have a wonderful day and remember our praying...Never can we stop until all our guys are back home safely!!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Having Sundae on Wednesday!

To begin with, Alex had asked me the other day for a cake of her very own! I could not find my little cake pans so I found these!!
Sundae cupcakes in individual containers!!
She loved it!!

But, this is the chocolate eater and well....She did NOT like it!! She likes cookies and regular pieces of chocolate!! She didn't even like this one little bit!!

Well that is about it for me...I gave the girls a Sundae on Wednesday and now it is Thursday!!

I better quit while I am ahead...getting confused!! HAHA!!

Have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~