Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you Lord

As I did my post yesterday I never knew what was happening just about 20 miles away from me!! My Dear sweet sister Theresa's husband Marc was in a horrible accident!! And I mean it was horrible...we are so thankful to still have him!! He was taken to the hospital to check him out and he is just sore and probably REAL sore today!! But the others that were in the car that hit him...They didn't make it!! :( Please pray for Theresa, Marc and the Family of those two!!
I today have even more to be thankful for than I did yesterday!!!
This is how my day went:
I had just got off the phone with my sweet Justin and Tracy called..."Marc has been in a wreck, Mom needs me and I need you!" So off I go!! Took the babies to school and just worried until I heard from Theresa or Tracy!! And so they got Marc check out and home they all came! I went to send out packages to Marines and then Theresa called and said that she thought she could use some of that Ham I was cooking!! So I gathered up Ham, Potatoes, Green Peas, Mac and Cheese, Sweet potatoes, Corn Bread Muffins and Sweet Tea!!
At the end of my day I just prayed that I was so thankful and know that the good Lord was just watching over Marc!
I love my family so much and I would move the world for any of them if I could!! We all pull together and pray for each other and help each other through what ever is going on in this life!!
So that was my yesterday...Thankful and ready for this new day that the Lord has Given us!!
You all take care...Have a good day!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. What in the world do people do without family? I can't imagine going through anything with out you and the rest of this family! Thanks for the concern, the dinner, the text messages of encouragement but mostly for the prayers. I know that Marc is laying up there in that bed this morning because he had a whole truck full of angels and God was there protecting him. The officer came last night and offered such kind words. Everyone has been so loving and supportive. But oh how my heart hurts for those parents. I am praying for them and their entire family. Love you Sis and thanks again for ALWAYS being there when I need you... I am so thankful! I am so blessed!

  2. Thanks for helping me out twice yesterday. I really do not know what I would do without my family. I am also thankful for all of you. I am so sad for the other family and do not know how I would make it through this. Love you.

  3. Well, you know that we are all praying for each other and for our boys...for strength for courage & wisdom....I think that I knew something had happened because I think of you so often & that's why I had to tune in to the BLOGS....I love you & I am here far away but here if you guys need me!!! Try to rest up today & enjoy LIFE, its tooo short & too precious!!! LYLAS BIG OLE HUGS FOR ALL OF YOU!!!!!

  4. Yes, Cindy, it's true. We are so lucky to have each other. I know that I can pick up my phone anytime day or night and have my family with me as quickly as would be humanly possible. Not everyone is that lucky. I'm so thankful to have been born into a family that looks out and takes care of one another.

  5. I'm so thankful that Marc is okay. I'm sorry to hear about the others involved with the accident. I'll be praying for all.

    It's nice that you are there to be able to help out your family. There have been many times that I wish that I could rush to the aid of my family, but due to the miles that separate us, I just have to focus on taking their problems to the Lord.

  6. Thank you so much for calling me. I prayed and prayed and am still praying. You can always count on me. I've adopted your family. ;D Love you guys and you take care of yourself! xoxo