Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loads and Loads...

Yes that is right I had loads and loads but not of fun...OF GRAVEL!! I was so busy I forgot to take pictures so I just had to find one on the computer but we made two trips to go get gravel in Jeffs truck and buddy are we whooped!!

We worked in the garage and got it all cleaned up and I got all Justins stuff together so that I can get it washed and ready for when he comes home it will be smelling fresh and clean!! Still no word from him now in 10 days...I am just going on the "NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS" !!

Today is a very special Birthday Party...AVERY MICHELE!!! Her Birthday is next week but we are having the party today!!! Pray the rain holds off ....we have a castle slide coming!! You all have a great day...gotta run get ready for church!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. Pa worked hard outside too! I lounged:) Can't figure out where this fence is? Love you, Sis! I am praying and being thankful:)

  2. Oh boy you guys were busy! Doesn't it feel good to get a lot done, Justin will be surprised when he gets home! Hope you had a good day, praying for Justin, he will call when he has time YOU KNOW HE WILL :) Until then just hold on & know that we are all praying for you & for that Sweet marine :) Love Ya!!! LYLAS!!!