Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Book that I Needed!!

Well this is ME!!! And as much as most everyone may love ME...I need to loose weight!! I know that as well as anyone that looks at me!!! But I still think I am cute...My mama always said you are not better than anyone else but you can look just as good as the next one!! So THAT my friends is what I keep in mind and I have told it to my children too!! I may not have all the finest things in life but I make the best of it!!
I was so happy cause this picture was taken Sunday after I had talked to My Marine!! haha!!

Ok so on to the loosing weight part!! I really didn't want to have to count points or calories and Tracy had been doing this and I found us the book!!

I started it on Wednesday and seem to be really doing good! Not hard and can eat even if we got out!!
So enough of that!!!
I WON another blog give-away!!
It was someone that is very special to me!! She is always there to have kind words to say to me even on my very worst days!! She is the rock of my family!! My mama passed away when I was just 18 and she stepped up and tried her best to help Daddy finish raising me!! She took such wonderful care of my Daddy when he was sick!! She as supported my Marine in so many ways...Letters, Cards, Packages and most of all her love and prayers!!!
Go here and check her out:
I am so proud to call her my Sister but she is also my friend!!
You all have a great day...looks like it is gonna be beautiful!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. That is a super cute picture of you and girl...I love your hair! :) I can not wait to see the new book you got me and good luck on your diet. We will do it together! We will have you there in no time and it will NOT be so bad. Trust me! Congrats on your win and have a great Saturday. Love you!

  2. Well, you're not going on this weight loss adventure alone ~ NO WAY NO HOW!!!!! We're trying too :( it isn't always easy but we do what we have to do!!!! By the way you're cute no matter what & I love your face, so pretty!!!! Have a great day....LYLAS!!!!

  3. Well, now I have to redo my make-up:) I love you Sis and all of your sweet children. It is like having three extra grandchildren and you know how I love that:) I will support you on this diet and anything else you try, that you can depend on! I need to get my honey pie to stick to something. Perhaps I'll put him on that too. You ARE cute and looked super cute and happy in that outfit on Sunday!

    Love you bunches! I will send your gift with the twins:)

  4. Well, you're beautiful inside and out, whether you lose a pound.

  5. Wow... that picture is so beautiful! I lost 10 pounds this past week! Very proud... but think I gained most back in one day... yesterday. Back on the wagon though! Your sister is super special! Wish she was my sister! So is your marine. I am going to change the picture of him in my blog to that one. It is sooo handsome! xoxo

  6. Awwww. Sisters. What a special relationship you two share. I love it! And that is a great picture!!! And I too have started on the "watch your weight" girl!!! meltdown. I want to do it slowly, and Jonny my 2nd son who is studying to be a physical/personal trainer is helping me. He says at my age, I should be way more concerned about muscle tone and bone density and watching my body fat, than just watching the pounds go down, cause as you begin to build up more muscle, as you are losing the extra weight in fat, you will not see as significant a weight loss, but you WILL see the inches coming off as the body tones and tightens. So here I go with those "strength" workouts again. Justin never minds me using his equipment. I'm with you!!!!
    Let's keep each other motivated. I told Joyce she was inspiration for me, and to keep posting her success. hugs and YOU GO!!!

  7. Aw, man, I had in my head exactly what I wanted to say, and guess what? Kelly said it almost word for word! Great minds think alike. You are beautiful inside and out, and such a great mom, aunt, friend. Have a fabulous Saturday :0)

  8. You look beautiful. What a wonderful little tribute to your sister. :)