Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh Really...

What a day I had...My neck has just about got me and the doctor said that I should just go see a chiropractor! Well I didn't...they want you to come back way to many times and I don't have the time for all that!! I will be will work its way out!!
So on to my blog...
I have been so very blessed to be able to talk to this fella so much this week!! He was allowed to take some other fellas back to a camp and well that had given him some much needed R & R!! He has been taking lots of showers and eating all kinds of hot meals!! GOD is so good!! He knew just what we both needed and he once again has just showed out!! He will be at this camp at least until the 26th so We have said that he got him a weeks vacation!! And he has so enjoyed it!!
The USMC might have just sent him because that is what they thought they wanted to do but I know who did this...the USMC just is who the good Lord was working through!!

But when I had to hear that he has not showered in over a month and has just been eating those MRE'S...this is what I say:

And he really has grown up to be my HERO!!!

You all have a wonderful day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. OooRah...Couldn't agree with you more. Little boys growing up into HERO men. And they didn't want to take showers and baths when they were its kind of like a dream come true...Wonder how they feel about it now, specially with sand covering every inch of their bodies??? Bet they wish for a lake to swing out over and drop into whooping and hollering! Makes me smile. SO glad he is getting the R&R and getting to call. God is good. Blessings Marine MOM! Semper Fi.

  2. Good Morning, Lou. I am so glad you have heard from him this week. I am also glad he got out of there for a week. I know he has enjoyed those showers and meals! He loves to be clean and fed! I hope your neck is better today. Love you and see you soon!

  3. He is my HERO too! I believe he is getting some divine intervention:) He sounds like he is enjoying it and I am thankful! Love you and keep exercising the neck, hopefully you will work it out soon. Love you bunches, SIS

  4. Oh cindy, this post made my heart feel so full!!! I know that you are so proud of that MArine, we all are! He is just such a special gift and I feel so happy that he is safe and sound and feeding that hungry belly :) I know you are thrilled to be able to talk with him...he'll be home befroe you know it :) Have a great night, hope your neck is better soon!!! LYLAS!!!!!