Sunday, March 7, 2010

Only one thing would have made this day better....

Oh what a gift I got!! Lynda...I love everything!! And you have never even been to my house and the oven mitt and pot holder matches PERFECT!!! I love the candles and the holders!!! They are just precious!!!

And well this...I couldn't have asked for anything that I love any better!! It went straight out on my porch beside my door!! I am starting to think of things that I want to do to decorate for my Marine's homecoming!!! And that is definitely part of it!!!

I had won several giveaways lately and this was my first to arrive!!
Thank you Lynda I love it so much!! Now you all go and check her out...well I think that you all do that anyways but I will add her link just in case!! She is my sister that got separated from me...NO not really but we are so much alike and have only met at our boys USMC boot camp graduation!! I feel like I have Known her for so many years!!

You all enjoy your day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. What a wonderful gift from Sweet Lynda! I love it all and "United We Stand" is exactly what we are!!!! Your gift is in my car and it was there all day yesterday:) Love you bunches and thank you SO MUCH for my sweet book. I have already looked thru it last night several times and this morning it is perched up on the shelf with the rest of Justin's pictures. That was so very special of you to get me one! I love you, SIS!

  2. Oh I am so glad you liked everything.....I know we are all United Standing and praying and waiting until our boys come home! Love you bunches and bunches!!!! Have a wonderful Sunday.....LYLAS!!!!

  3. awwww. So precious. Military Moms..."Marine Moms"... a stalwart bunch. Supporting sisters...comforting friends...loving women.
    In their bond of knowing what each other is feeling, they create a band of girls that stand strong. And friendship abides. What a great gift. So excited for you. Have a great day. Maybe you'll get a call. hugs.

  4. I love the United We Stand as well as the candle holders. Very cool!

    It's fun that you two met at bootcamp graduation and have that special bond. The Marine Corps makes the world just a little smaller. :)