Friday, March 12, 2010

Twice in a week!

Lord have mercy on my soul!! Good Lord help me...Twice in one week...a phone call from that Marine of mine!! I thought something was wrong when it showed up that it was him!! But no...they still had the phone and so he called his mama!! He was doing good and wanted to ask me to send he some real cokes!! I guess he is thirsty, just like when he was a little guy!! He use to always tell me "Mama, I am so Tursty!!!"(with that southern draw!) haha!!

So off to the store I will go and get him a 12 pack and send it on its way!! He had gotten cereal from Ganky and asked for some more and more milk...He LIKED that!! Good job Ganky!! He said that Tracy had some really good snacks in her boxes and that well he just was hungry and was waiting on a mail drop and was really wondering what all he might be getting today!! Poor fella...I wish I could send him the grocery store and especially now that he can cook stuff over a fire!! Didn't know that until just this phone call!! So I will be gathering up stuff that he can have and cook over fire!! So anyways...I could go on and on but I will go and I will be having me a wonderful day!!! He puts a smile on my face!!

Keep them all in your prayers....Not just mine but all of those serving!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Well, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that he called again! Bless his little heart. I am so happy he is enjoying his goodies. I'll pack him more cereal and milk:) We'll fatten him up long distance! Love you and happy we got to hear from him again. I am so glad that he is like he is and calls every chance he gets!

    Happy Friday... FOR SURE!

  2. You all are such a sweet blessing to each other! I just love your family and want to be a part!!! I'm so glad you hear from him. God is good! Must give you a great deal of peace. I am praying for him and the others... as well as you! xoxo

  3. They're always hungry, aren't they? Glad you were able to hear from him again! It's interesting to hear what different guys are craving while deployed.

  4. Cindy Lou,

    I'm so happy for you.Truly blessed! rah!
    Now the coke thing I really want to hear back about. Someone told me NOT to ship soda or any carbonated drinks. Something about they can explode during transit. So DO let me know what Justin says about their condition when they arrive. I am very curious to know . Thanks a bunch. and I love that he has so many people LUUUVVVVin him with goodies. I can just imagine all the guys gatherin around Simmons when they have mail call - just to see what's arrived on the chow air-mail wagon. And I know your man shares his stuff too. He's just the type I can tell without even knowin him. I email with the Sgt. Maj.'s mom over the 1/2 and she said they are all good about sharing the haul. THEY take care of each other. I need to get my Justin's box ready. I was going to do it every Fri. but just didn't feel like it today. So tomorrow it shall be.
    HUGS and RAH!!!!

  5. Oh I am so happy you heard from him agaun....I knwo what you mean about them being hungry & thirsty all of the time! I think it's a boy thing! Billy loves to get his packages, looks forward to all of his favorite snacks and tries to make them last :) so glad that Justin is doing good, I am keeping him in my prayers every minute! Gotta run, Love Ya..oh how ar ethose two cute twins doing?? O.k., now I gotta' go ma'am...Love to all of you! LYLAS!!