Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet 16 Room Make-Over!!!

So this is what Britani wanted for her 16th Birthday!!!
Her Bedroom Made-Over!!!
It was pink and had little fairies around the top!!!!

Here was her comforter that she has had now for a couple of years!!

Here I am painting the walls a tan color!!!

Here is doublegranny making sure we do it right!!

Britani and her Daddy painting!!

And this is the final project!!!

And here is her new Comforter Set!!
She is all grown up and has no more butterflies or fairy's!!!

I am so proud of the finished project!!! It really looks great!!! We had fun and maybe now we will move on to other rooms in the house that need made-over!! A good fresh coat of paint makes everything look so fresh and clean!!! My Daddy would have been proud of me!!! Although it took me half a day to do one room where he could have done the entire house!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let the sunshine in....

What....Is that the SUN I see!!!
Yes mam it was...ALL day long the sun was shining!!!
I loved it!!

We got the house work to a stopping point and took a minute for the girls to go out and enjoy the sunshine!! They rode their scooter and tricycle and then we took a walk!! These two babies love being outside!!! But it was a little warm so they got eat a popsicle's to get cooled off! I Love summer-time!!
Britani enjoyed her first day out of school with the girls!!! And they enjoyed having her! What a fun day we had!! I am looking forward to many more this summer!!! I hope you all get enjoy the sunshine and have a SPECTACULAR SATURDAY!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


My Babies are now out of school!!! They will be JUNIORS !!!!! They are turning 16 next week...Lord have mercy!!! I just can't believe that my little babies are this grown up!!! Bradley who weighed 7 pounds at birth and Britani who weighed 5 pounds are now so tall and grown up!!! They are so excited for school to be out!!! I am looking forward to another interesting summer!!! And just a text from Justin yesterday! I sure miss getting to hear from him all the time!! He had me spoiled by calling me so much!! I hope to hear from him today!! I hope that you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trying AGAIN....

Well in less than 3 weeks I will be heading off to Panama City Beach!!! I can't wait!!!! So I thought that I would give exercise another try and see if I can't drop a few more pounds and a couple of inches! And this is my favorite show EVER!!
I tried working out with the wicked witch so I thought that I would give this fella a try and I really like him!!! I did a workout with him and I actually enjoyed it!!! Tracy gave me a DVD but he has a work out on the on demand and that is the one I did!!As everyone knows I have been doing Weight Watchers for 5 weeks and I really have been doing good!!! I have cut out the eating out so much and I am cooking good healthy meals!!!
SOOOO in the past five weeks I have lost 59 sticks of butter!!!

That would be 14.8 pounds!!!!! That is alot of butter!!!! Every week when I go to weigh in I may only loose 2 pounds but that is 8 sticks of butter and when you look at it like that it is alot!!!! So that is my way of keeping myself pumped up!!! I set a goal back when I started that I wanted to loose 20 pounds by vacation time and I only have 6 more to go!! So maybe the exercise will help me get there or even a couple of more!!!! If I had stuck with the 30 shred I may have already been there but she was not a nice instructor and so I quit her!!! I do not like anyone being mean to me!!! And so she had an off button and I used it!!! I hope that you all have a great day and I will be working with Bob again today...he is great!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Put a SMILE on their face!!

Well...I know that it's not always good to give and kid everything that they ask you for...but on Friday Alex and Avery could talk about nothing but having real earrings!! And so because they are still so young they do not have their ears peirced so I went on a search for some clip-ons!!! And I was able to find these red ones for Alex and she loved them!! Red is her favorite color!!!

And then I found the coral colored ones for Avery, they are flowers and she loved them! I don't think she took them off but once the entire time I was with them!! She was so darn cute with them on and they were just about as big as her little ears!!

Oh and the other day I had these candies around my house and I wanted them to get gone so I took them to the girls and well I had to go and get them more! Alex kept asking for the oval candies with gold paper! If you have not tried these well they are SOOO GOOOD!! I can only have one and then the entire bag must go away...or I would eat them all!!! So I bought the girls some over the weekend and they loved it!!

So both of the girls had a great big smile on their face today and it was worth every penny I spent on them!!! I love knowing that they are happy and enjoying their childhood!! I hope that you all have a wonderful day and lets all try to smile today!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cook Out!!

As probably everyone else we cooked out yesterday! We didn't decide until the last minute to do so...but it was wonderful!! This is my Husband Jeff at the grill and he cooked everything that we had hamburgers, pork chops, and ribs!!! Then we had potatoe salad, baked beans, rolls and peach cobbler!!! It ended up a wonderful day!!!

Our Pastor is doing a Revival in Newnan this week and so after the cook out we decided to go and be with him! He preached a wonderful sermon and then after that I got to talk to my Marine! He is doing good and actually enjoying himself! He got to go to the church on base Sunday and they asked him to lead the Singing and he loved it!! He said that it wasn't so bad there, just really HOT!! And the worst part of the whole thing is that he said that his phone does not have service and he can not call me!! But he is using a friends phone and will call when he can! And as long as I get to know that he is ok...I am fine! I hope that you all have a great day!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

This is a day everyone sets aside to begin "Summer"! I have really always looked at it that way myself...until Last year! On July 7th 2008 my son Justin Webb Simmons joined the USMC! He went off to Parris Island and was there for 13 weeks! There was such a change in him after that! In the picture it has a quote from President Ronald Reagan 1985
"Some people spend a lifetime wondering if they made a difference.
The MARINES don't have that problem"
This is a picture of the Iwo Jima in Parris Island. I can remember when we would walk past it Justin would have to remove his cover(hat), and salute it! It would give you chills to see all of the new Marines doing this!

And here is the company that he was in during bootcamp and they made him into the marine that he is today! He actually says he would rather be back in bootcamp alot of times!! They were always so busy and that is what he likes!

I hope that everyone has a great beginning to the summer and enjoy your Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rain or Shine!!

You know it doesn't matter if the sun is shining bright or if it is raining cats and dogs...If you want to swim then you swim...RAIN or SHINE!!!!

This is Britani sitting by the water fall that runs into the pool!
And Skylar just had her 9th Brithday yesterday!! This is her and her friend sitting on the waterfalls!Here is my Best Friend Rhonda chillin in the Hot Tub!!!
And these three never got out of the water except to eat...Bradley, Robert, and Matt(his pool!) And here is my dear husband that just jumped in the pool and decided to ride the WALRUS with a little help from Bradley!

Well this here is Kerry Murphy!(Rhondas husband)
He jumped in with the walrus but his landing was not so good!!!

We really had a wonderful time!! We cooked out hotdogs and just kept it simple with chip and cookies and never had a complaint!!! Now today we are off to church then to Shady Dale to cook out with Nana and Pop(Rhondas parents)!!! Fun day of Fishing, four wheeling and lots of laugh and of course with me around LOTS of pictures!!

I did get a chance to hear from Justin late last night and he was good and in California!!! His first ride on the plane he said was fun!! I thank you all for your prayers and Tracychele...You just don't know what you mean to me! Thank you for listening to me cry all those tears yesterday morning!!! And I am sure that there are more to come with all the things that we have lying ahead of us!!!

I hope that each of you have a wonder day!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Never been so far away!!!

Well by the time I get through all of this you all may be sick and tired of hearing about it!! I am one of those Mama's that likes for my kids to stay close to home!! I always wanted them to grow up and come home on Sunday for dinner!! ( like my Brother Marshall and his family!!) So then my Oldes son went and Joined the Marine Corp!!
I am so proud of him!!!
He has never been very far away from me. But in the past year he has been to Parris Island, Jacksonville North Carolina-Camp Lejeune and Camp Geiger, A.P Hill, and now he is off to 29 Palms California!!! He has never been that far away from me!!! I can't just get in my car and go to him if he needs me...well I could but it would take a while!!! So I just keep remembering the smile he puts on my face and stay on my knees praying that god will hold him in the palm of his hand and keep him safe from all harm!! God can be there when I can't!!!
Okay...He just called and he is on the bus to go to Cherry Point to get on one of these!!! He has never done that before!! I like keeping all our wheels on the ground! He will enjoy it I am sure!!!

And then later today he will end up here!!
I asked him if they needed any chaperons and he just laughed at me!! I was NOT kidding!! You all just keep him in your prayers as I know you will!!! I hope that you all have a Spectacular Saturday!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Look how she has grown!!!

I started staying with Alex when she was just a tiny tot! Here in this picture is one of her first days of pre-school at grace!! And now here she is finishing up in the 3 year old class!!! Just look at how this child has grown!!!
She had her last day of school today and she had a great time! I just can't believe she is going into the pre-k 4 year old class!!! Where does time go?!? We had a wonderful Thursday! Today is Avery's party and her last day!!! Party time!!!!!

I hope that you all have a Fantastic Friday!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Almost over!

Well here we are at the end of another year of Pre-school for Alex and Avery's first year!!! I just can't believe it!!!

All last year I kept saying that Avery didn't need to go and I just wanted her to stay with me, but as it ends up she has really learned alot and enjoyed herself! We would sing on the way to school everyday and on the way home! I just enjoy so much hearing about their day and what all they did! But I took this picture of them crossing the bridge the other day. We made up this story to go along with the bridge that we had to go through the forest, cross the bridge to get to the magic school for the princesses!!! They loved it!!And here we have them taking a ring at the bell that they have been ringing every-day when we leave school! And I wanted this picture because the school is actually moving to a new location for next year and I am not sure if they are gonna have one there! So this is a special picture for me to have!!Alex is going into the 4 year old class next year and Avery goes into the 3 year old class!!! They are growing up and learning something new everyday!! We are looking forward to a new location but so THANKFUL that we get to keep our precious Teachers!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful Thursday!!! End of year party for Alex today and then her end of year program tonight!!! You know I will have pictures!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!!




All of these are just random pictures that I wanted to share! A little thing alot of the bloggers do...Called Wordless Wednesdays!!!! It is my blog where no words are needed!!! I hope that you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making me a list!!!

And yes everyone says that I have the perfect job...These two are make it all worth while!!! Alex and Avery!!! They are just growing up so much that it just really makes me so sad sometimes!!!! I would like for them to stay little always...because they are forever telling me that they love me!!! And when they get older they will forget about me and move on to some-one else!!!
They love to draw and make me special things that I come home and post on the fridge. But today they were making me a grocery list!! They listen to me and their mama talk about it and so they are learning to make me a list like Tracy does! Alex made me a 2 page list!! She really wants alot and she said for me to keep every thing on the list at my house, and they will come over one day and eat with me!!! SOOO FUNNY!!!
And little Avery made me a list too but she told me to get the stuff on her list and give it to her Uncle Jeff!!!! He needed the stuff on her list!!!
So now I guess I have all the list I need and they were so excited for me to go to the store and get everything on their list!!! I am so sure that Alex had pudding on her list and Avery had Chocolate on hers!!!! I sure enjoy them!!! They really just make my day, everyday!!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day today and if you can figure out exactly what is on these list, please let me know!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sundays Soup!

Now that is a pot of soup!!!
The weather outside is cool and Granny decided that she would make a pot of soup!!! And when she make something it makes the house smell like my mama is in the kitchen cooking up so good ole food! And when she is finished, well...It tasted like mama had her hand in on it too!! And along with the soup she made cornbread!!!

Justin left to go back and he will be out in the field this week! I am not gonna say that he won't be back for a while cause everytime I say that, he shows up when we least expect it!!! You all have a great day!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


And so when Justin left me last week I was so sad at just the thought that I was not gonna get to see him for a couple of months!!! But then I woke up this morning...Guess who was sitting on my sofa!!! Well can you believe it...JUSTIN!!! He came home to see me one more time before he goes off to California!!! He is just such a joy and I really love having him around!!!I bet you can tell that he makes me so happy...Look at the SMILE on my face!!!

And here is one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!!!!

We really have a blast when we are together!!! We are so much alike!!!

Well my Saturday was spent at a picnic with Bradley and then to eat mexican with the gang! Not alot going on but was just a wonderful day!!! I am looking forward to a Super Sunday!!! I hope that you all have a great day!!!!