Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Making me a list!!!

And yes everyone says that I have the perfect job...These two are make it all worth while!!! Alex and Avery!!! They are just growing up so much that it just really makes me so sad sometimes!!!! I would like for them to stay little always...because they are forever telling me that they love me!!! And when they get older they will forget about me and move on to some-one else!!!
They love to draw and make me special things that I come home and post on the fridge. But today they were making me a grocery list!! They listen to me and their mama talk about it and so they are learning to make me a list like Tracy does! Alex made me a 2 page list!! She really wants alot and she said for me to keep every thing on the list at my house, and they will come over one day and eat with me!!! SOOO FUNNY!!!
And little Avery made me a list too but she told me to get the stuff on her list and give it to her Uncle Jeff!!!! He needed the stuff on her list!!!
So now I guess I have all the list I need and they were so excited for me to go to the store and get everything on their list!!! I am so sure that Alex had pudding on her list and Avery had Chocolate on hers!!!! I sure enjoy them!!! They really just make my day, everyday!!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful day today and if you can figure out exactly what is on these list, please let me know!!!


  1. Cute pictures! Can you swing by and get my list too? I need lots of stuff! Love you and have a great day!

  2. Oh and by the way... they don't forget about you and move on. Look at all my nieces and nephews that still love me:) They just give you taller hugs!

  3. Ohhhh... they won't forget you! I hope not because I watched 4 of my grandkids for years and I hope we're always close! Enjoy them while you can... sadly, they do grow up.

  4. I know for sure they won't forget you! They will always remember the time you gave them and fun stuff you did with them. You are a blessing!

  5. I love when they pretend together! They write me notes sometimes and I think it is so cute! I guess I really need to write my grocery list, huh?? Love you!