Saturday, May 2, 2009

Best Friends Forever!

This is My one and only daughter Britani! She will soon be sixteen years old and has NEVER given me a minutes trouble! She is always willing to help me do whatever I have to do and can clean a house better than most grown women! She is just amazing!
She has lots of friends...but her very best friends live in Newnan!
And she had asked to go spend the weekend with them! And so once Jeff got home we loaded in the car and off to Newnan we went!
Here is a picture of the three girls together that I took a while back but it is hard to get them to let me take another one...they always have an excuse! You know..."My hair is messed up!" or "I look like crap today!" They just do not co-operate with me!! On the left is Brittany D., middle is Lisa D. and my Britani on the right! Those Two girls are like my very own!! I love them to death!They are just really precious girls and they mean alot to me!

And here is a picture of their baby brother: TRENTON PAUL
He is 1 and just into everything and trying to talk! He is so darn cute!
So that was my Friday and we had a nice visit with Laurie, Rusty and all the Kids! We never go all the way to Newnan to see them but it was a really nice visit!! They all hold a special place in my heart!! I hope that everyone has a super Saturday!!!


  1. That Britani is certainly a special niece and has a beautiful smile! She is a good girl and I know how it is with that only daughter! A bond like no other! Love you and happy Saturday!!!!!

  2. Well, honey, I know she is special. Anybody can see that. You're blessed in many ways. If she ever wants a housecleaning job, let me know.