Sunday, May 17, 2009


And so when Justin left me last week I was so sad at just the thought that I was not gonna get to see him for a couple of months!!! But then I woke up this morning...Guess who was sitting on my sofa!!! Well can you believe it...JUSTIN!!! He came home to see me one more time before he goes off to California!!! He is just such a joy and I really love having him around!!!I bet you can tell that he makes me so happy...Look at the SMILE on my face!!!

And here is one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!!!!

We really have a blast when we are together!!! We are so much alike!!!

Well my Saturday was spent at a picnic with Bradley and then to eat mexican with the gang! Not alot going on but was just a wonderful day!!! I am looking forward to a Super Sunday!!! I hope that you all have a great day!!!!


  1. Yep... that Justin is full of surprises these days! It is great to see his smiling face again when we didn't expect it for a month:) It sounds like he got his way to go karaoking! Love you and have a blessed day!

  2. Mr. PTSD wants to know if we can join him on his trip to California?! We were stationed in California and we were so happy there. He'll love it.

  3. Oh I don't see why not!!! I sure wish I could go along with him!! He is excited about going but not sure of the unknown!! I hope he is happy there!