Monday, May 11, 2009

What a wonderful Mother's Day!!

My children really wanted to take me to Breakfast...And this was their choice!!! That's right the Waffle House!!And her I am with my MARINE!! He is so handsome even if he is mine!!
Marines are rough and tough but they have the best looking uniform ever!!!

And here is Ganky with him!

And here his my little family together!!! This is what I love the most about this day!!! I have all 3 of my children with me!!!
And then after church we went to chili's!! It was great! And just as soon as we had lunch...he was in his car and on the road back to Camp Lejeune!!! I sure am gonna miss him! He will be gone for a couple of months this time! But I still get to talk to him on a regular basis!!! Thank God...or I would go crazy!!
So then after he got gone on the road we went to spend the afternoon with Rhonda and Kerry! And what a blast we had!! Everyone decided that we would play ball...well as most everyone of you know I have never been one to be outside and get sweaty and at the ball!! I have never hit a ball a day in my life but here I am... I hit that ball!!!!! I was so shocked but so excited!!!! Well another Mother's Day here and gone!! I hope that you all have a great Monday!! And you never know I may just have to find me a ball team to join...I can hit a ball!!!


  1. Girl, the Prowlers are always needing a fill in player:) Love you and thanks for sharing your family with me! It was a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. What great pictures! Justin is so handsome in that uniform! Girl, you are smoking hot! Look at that picture of you with Justin! You are really slimming down and that picture shows it! Keep up the good work! I love you.

  3. The Marines have the best looking uniform in the military! And he sure is handsome!