Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet Summer Time


And I am looking so forward to spending a week at the beach except for the fact that my Marine will probably be deployed while I am there!!! Can't change it...already paid for the room!!

But while he is home for his pre-deployment I am taking a day and going to Tybee Island so that he can get in some beach time!!!

My chair is waiting on me ( I wish) ...See ya later!!!

Have a good day...remember...Keep praying!!! IT WORKS!!!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Heavy Heart!!

This young man sure knows how to pull at my heart and it sure does hurt sometimes!!

I know we have made it through one deployment and now we are facing another one and the time for him to leave is quickly approaching and well it makes my heart so heavy!! I worry so much...he joined the infantry and so that right there puts him on the front line!! I can't stand the thoughts of him going back to that big sand box!! I woke myself up the other night crying and had dreamed about him!! I know that prayers work and I will be doing lots of it in the months to come!! I just sure hate to see him leave!!!!

I have not got to spend a lot of time with him this time and he gets a short pre-d leave and well I wish I could just keep him here but the USMC is bigger than me and he has to go!!! I just pray for his safety and for me not to go insane!! I think that my tears are stuck in overflow and that is all I have been doing...CRYING!!!

I will get to see and talk to him for a few weeks to come and then after that I will be depending on those darn satellite phones!!! I need bounty to soak up all these tears!!!

You all have a good day and please please pray for our troops and that they all return safe!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

An Old Fashion Home Coming!!

Each and EVERY year we have homecoming at our church on the 2nd Sunday of June!! And so yesterday was the day!! We have taken pictures each year and Ms. Janice does this board and it shows those that have joined us in the past and present!

We had a table full of food that I never even went through the line and looked at! I took my plate of food, I got weight I am still trying to loose! I knew that looking at all that food would temp me to make bad choices and so I didn't want to mess up the fact that I have lost 23 pounds!! But I can promise you there was good food on this table!!

Everyone enjoyed it!!

It was a wonderful day, but by the end of everything, I was exhausted!! All that cooking and setting up just wore me out!! I came home and relaxed in our pool for a bit!!

Off work today and gonna get some house work done!! Hope that you all have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday!!


My babies are 18 today!!

It just seems like yesterday I was doing nothing but changing diapers, making bottles and constantly feeding these two!!!

Happy Birthday Bradley and Britani!!!

I love you both with all my heart!!

I hope that you have the best day EVER!!!

Pool Party today at Ganky's!!! Cant't wait!!!

You all enjoy your day!!