Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just another MANIC MONDAY!!!!

I got up and got my Twins off to school and then to work I go!! I had made Avery a cookie cake...which she asked for! I am not the best at decorating...but I aleast try!!! She was so excited!!! I still just cannot believe that she is 3 years old!!!!!

She had so much fun sharing her day with her friends. And I even went and borrowed Alex so that she could join in on the fun!! Alex had said on the way to school that she sure wished she could go to Avery's party and well...I being the Aunt Cindy that I am...I made sure she was there!!!

After the party I went to waste some time until school was over then we went back to the house...And of course they had goodie bags and Avery just was so happy with her little Party at school!! She Thanked me for the cake and the the goodie bags and it just melts my heart!!!
So now on for the rest of the day...IT WAS MOVING DAY FOR THE GIRLS IN THE OFFICE!!! I am glad they were able to move but I sure am gonna miss seeing Tracy as much!! We have been together since the day she was born!!! She is my niece but feels more like my sister!! Ok enough of that...tears!!!!
I hope that everyone has a great day!!!!! It is Terric TUESDAY!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Special Place In My Heart...

As a little girl I was taken to church whether I wanted to go or not! And now I can't wait to get there! I have been going to this church my entire life and I just don't think I could never go anywhere else! I for so long was the only one that went and now I have 3 of my sisters one of my nieces and one of my sister in laws! And of course my husband and children! I am so BLESSED!! They will never know what it means to be able to share this special place with them! I am so proud to be able to look around and see them all around me!

I know that everyone has there own special place but this is where I can go and know that it just gives me a little taste of what heaven is going to be like!! I have seen lot of people come and go and lot of ones that I love so dearly go on to be with the Lord and it just give me something to look forward too!!!
Our church has always been special but it seem to be missing something and a little over three years ago we was in search of a new Pastor. We had prayed and prayed and God sent us this wonder man! His name is Pastor Tommy Dunn, Jr!!!! He is the Pastor of St. John Baptist Church and we all just adore him!!! He is the most humble, God fearing man ever!! He loves his church so much. He is always ther is you need him.
I guess after a full day at church yesterday and knowing all of God's blessings. I felt like I would let everyone see where my special place is! Alot of people choose the beach (and I do love it to!!!)
or choose the mountains ( and I love that too!!) but just on an everyday basis this is my special place!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sweets, Cash, Hail and Loads of Fun!!! What a Saturday!!!!!

Well with such a rainey day I atleast did some baking...A chocolate cake with 8 thin layers and a pan of brownies! The cake I took to the Gold Party and the brownies was for the dinner that I forgot to take in so now they are for my children and husband to eat!!! This is one thing that I really just love to do! Yes that is what I said I love to COOK!!!

So now on to the gold party...It was such a blast!! I never knew that I would get the amount of money that I got but I did!!! And he had cash money that he gave each one of us!! I may go do a little shopping for some easter clothes but then the rest is going to go on vacation with us!!! I could not believe that with such a small amount I was able to get all this!!!

Now after the gold party we were going to the dinner that they were having to help raise money for my Cousin who has ALS and is just in the worst shape...So on our way I heard something hit my new car and oh yes...IT WAS HAIL!!!! I about freaked out!!! I quickly pulled into a daycare center and got under there shed so that I would not get too much damage! Well after all I do not think that I got any damage...I was so worried!! But once we got to the dinner it was alot of fun...We did not eat due to today being Avery's Birthday we were going to dinner with them, but we joined in to help raise some money for them! I have never seen so many people and so many desserts!!! They were able to raise about $10,000.00. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Everyone just please keep them in your prayers, please!!!!!

Ok so now you might ask...What happened Next? Oh well Avery's Birthday at the Fireplace...that is what the kids call it. We went to eat Japanese!!! YUMMY!!!! The cook was a blast! She had asked me for a Fur Real Pet and I was able to go out and find her just the one she wanted! And because Alex had been sick we got her one of the smaller ones and she loved it!!! These two little girls are so dear to me! But then when we are all together and they get around their Uncle Jeff they forget about everything! He loves them so much! Just look at the smile of his face when he has them both in his arms!!!!!!!Well that was my Saturday!!!Stick around. We never know what is gonna happen with us!!! I have Church today and I am so ready to hear my Pastor Preach!! Have a great day and I will be back tomorrow!

How in the world did I become a BLOGGER!!

Well here I am...I decided to be a blogger!!! I sure enjoy reading everyones Blogs so I thought that I may enjoy posting one!! This is a picture of me with my husband. We have been married for 20 years!!! We have 3 children and just love life!!! My oldest son is in the Marine Corp and I am so proud of him!!! My two other children are twins and fixing to be 16...We will just pray about that!!!

I can not believe that it is going to be SO nasty today!!!! I have so much to do and I guess I will just have to do it in the RAIN!!!

Today is My great-nieces 3rd birthday!!! I can not believe it! She has grown up so much!! She is just precious and I am lucky because I get to take care of her Mon.-Fri. and show her daily that I love her so very much!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Well I guess that is enough for now and I will be back tomorrow!! Going to a gold Party today so wish me luck!!!