Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just another MANIC MONDAY!!!!

I got up and got my Twins off to school and then to work I go!! I had made Avery a cookie cake...which she asked for! I am not the best at decorating...but I aleast try!!! She was so excited!!! I still just cannot believe that she is 3 years old!!!!!

She had so much fun sharing her day with her friends. And I even went and borrowed Alex so that she could join in on the fun!! Alex had said on the way to school that she sure wished she could go to Avery's party and well...I being the Aunt Cindy that I am...I made sure she was there!!!

After the party I went to waste some time until school was over then we went back to the house...And of course they had goodie bags and Avery just was so happy with her little Party at school!! She Thanked me for the cake and the the goodie bags and it just melts my heart!!!
So now on for the rest of the day...IT WAS MOVING DAY FOR THE GIRLS IN THE OFFICE!!! I am glad they were able to move but I sure am gonna miss seeing Tracy as much!! We have been together since the day she was born!!! She is my niece but feels more like my sister!! Ok enough of that...tears!!!!
I hope that everyone has a great day!!!!! It is Terric TUESDAY!!!!!


  1. I will certainly miss you too!! Patty got a little upset too at the thought of not seeing the little girls as much, so we agreed that you guys will have to come see us when they get out of school ALOT!! Love you.

  2. OMG, can you tell how theycallmeganky and Marine Mom's lives overlap? We are after all Sisters and a HUGE part of each others' lives! On any given day, our blogs may read basically the same thing. Just enjoy it twice:) It's all good stuff!!!!!! Love you!

  3. As we say in my neck of the woods, good times. Good times. Maybe Tracy will get a lot more work done in her office away from home and she'll be able to come back home and do nothing. Wouldn't that be nice?