Monday, March 30, 2009

A Special Place In My Heart...

As a little girl I was taken to church whether I wanted to go or not! And now I can't wait to get there! I have been going to this church my entire life and I just don't think I could never go anywhere else! I for so long was the only one that went and now I have 3 of my sisters one of my nieces and one of my sister in laws! And of course my husband and children! I am so BLESSED!! They will never know what it means to be able to share this special place with them! I am so proud to be able to look around and see them all around me!

I know that everyone has there own special place but this is where I can go and know that it just gives me a little taste of what heaven is going to be like!! I have seen lot of people come and go and lot of ones that I love so dearly go on to be with the Lord and it just give me something to look forward too!!!
Our church has always been special but it seem to be missing something and a little over three years ago we was in search of a new Pastor. We had prayed and prayed and God sent us this wonder man! His name is Pastor Tommy Dunn, Jr!!!! He is the Pastor of St. John Baptist Church and we all just adore him!!! He is the most humble, God fearing man ever!! He loves his church so much. He is always ther is you need him.
I guess after a full day at church yesterday and knowing all of God's blessings. I felt like I would let everyone see where my special place is! Alot of people choose the beach (and I do love it to!!!)
or choose the mountains ( and I love that too!!) but just on an everyday basis this is my special place!!!


  1. Yes, indeed. There is no other place like St. John Baptist Church. And Tommy Dunn makes it just right.
    Love ya

  2. Now that was the truth if I ever hear it.... As Pop would say, Woo Woo:) I love that little Church and it's precious Pastor. He is a true blessing to all who enter those doors. I have Justin to thank for my getting my hiney back in Church! Ms Jerri said that there is no telling whose lives Justin would touch while in the Marines. Well he touched mine and I love him for it! I am thankful for all the memories there! Love you all!

  3. What pretty pictures. I have really happy memories going there as a child. Still smells the exact same, too!!
    I thought last weekend when I was there that it seems like you are just hanging out at home when you're there; so comfortable and content.
    Not too many people can be like that in church. I love my church, too, and I love our dear pastor (my own brother-in-law). But I would love to visit St. John more!!!
    Love ya and have a great Monday!