Friday, July 31, 2009

shopping...broken computer!!!

Well I took advantage of the tax free weekend and took my three children shopping! Yes, I know I only have 2 in school but do you want to tell Justin that he doesn't get anything!! I am not gonna do it!! He is too precious!! I can not upload pictures or anything like that on my computer! My cousin Melanie does computer work and she is gonna take a look at it this weekend!! At least I am able to do some sort of a blog!! I do have shopping pictures and I will show them all when my computer is better!! Having guest tonight for dinner!! I cooked homemade spaghetti sauce!!! It smell like an Italian Restaurant in this house...we will call it Mudher Mias Italian Mess!!! Cause that is what a made a mess....luckily I had Britani and she was right by my side to help with the chopping and the cooking and even the cleaning up!! But buddy it will be delicious!!!!
I hope that you have a fantastic Friday!!! And remember I will load you up with pictures once this computer is all fixed!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

My computer is sick!!

Lord have mercy...My computer is not working up to its highest standard!! But is still working!! I am thinking that maybe it needs to go to the doctor and get a shot of hard drive cleaner or something!! I just am not a computer expert so...who knows what will happen!!!

I am gonna make it short and sweet so that it doesn't just cut me off in the middle of my blog!! I just can not imagine life with out a blog!!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Party before school starts!!

A great big shout out to the host of our last party before school starts!!!
She is my niece and she really know how to through down on a party!!
I think that everyone had a blast and buddy there was a crowd of folks there!!!

My Marine doin a jump on the diving board!! He was chatting with us at home last night and he said that he really enjoyed his day a Kelly Kelly's!!

Autumn and Britani checking out the crowd!!

Bradley just enjoying the fun!! He had so much fun with all his cousins!!

And lord have mercy isn't this one precious child!! Just look at that face!! She said
"Cinnie you are my best friend!!!"
Now who wouldn't want their best friend to be Avery!!

Came home and relaxed on the sofa for a little while! (nap)
Then I got dinner cooked and kitchen all cleaned up cause I knew that my show was coming on!!

Yep, that's right! I am a big brother fan! I have a had a little bit of a hard time getting into it this time but I think that i am finally hooked!!!
Well today is my last day of work for the week!! Lots to do!!
You all enjoy your day!!
And remember...Enjoy each day as if it was your last...LOVE, LAUGH AND LIVE!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

High Sugar???

So today we were checking granny's sugar so I thought that I would just check mine and see what it was
so do you think these would cause that??
No, just kidding...I had eaten a bowl of cereal and that is what made it go up that high! By the time we got home it was 79!!!

But seriously these are what made granny's sugar go sky high!!
Honey Buns!!!

Then I turn around and she has an arm full of these!!!
Donuts...of every flavor!!!

And no she did not get these they are not allowed!! She was trying me to see what I would say!!! LOL!!! She is soooo funny!!

Oh and we are looking forward to spending the day with KellyKelly!!! Lots of pictures to come and so no questions asked...Justin and Bailey broke up... :(
Everything happens for a reason...never know what they are right away but God knows whats best and we just have to accept things!!! You all have a great day...We are gonna have a blast!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Special Sunday...

Today everyone chose to honor My Marine!! He is a little over one year into his term and can not wait until he can get out and come home! All of the church just love Justin and they are all praying for him everyday!! They sang special songs that are Justins favorite and Alot of my family was there to see all of the Love that the church has for him and the entire family!!

We got a few updated pictures while we had him in his blues!! And I tell you what he sure did do some complaining!!

Ganky got her a picture with him and with she put his cover on isn't she cute!!!They had a special cake made with his picture on it!!
This is my whole family and our Pastor Tommy Dunn!!

What a wonderful day!!! I can't wait to spend this week with Justin! I sure hate to know that this time with him is coming to an end! Only just a few more days!!! But we are sure making the most of these last few days! I have to work Today, Tomorrow and then Wednesday we are going to Six Flags and then Thursday and Friday I am off to do just what ever Justin wants to do!!! You all have a great day !!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lazy night!!

This was one lazy day!!! I did get a new dryer!!! Yayy...I get to catch up on laundry!!! But before we do all that we had other things to do. We wanted to go to Stone Mountain and so that is what we did!! This place was packed and we had to walk forever! So all the food that we ate this week we walked it off from the parking lot that was about one mile away and to the laser show lawn!
And the laser show was good but not so sure that is was good enough to go through all that traffic and fight all that crowd of people!! Justin had fun and that is all that really matters!!!

Today is the day I really enjoy...I wonder how many pews we will fill up!? After church we are going to get family pictures made can't wait to post those!! Everyone have a great day!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

We went to Gankys and she had everything all patriotic for Justin!!!
He is so Loved!!
This is a little sign hanging on Ganky's back porch!! How true that is!!!!

Look at the smile that a good family get together makes him!!

Britani and Bailey...They had the same swim suit and only met a few weeks ago!! Aren't they so precious!!

The Marine always has to make us laugh!! He loves it!!!

Autumn and Britani quit swimming for a quick pose...they are so use to the blogging pictures!!
And then I caught this one of Bradley...Isn't he just the handsome fella!!
Alex is growing up so much and just loves to show us that big smile!!!

And who would not want a piece of that watermelon!! Avery is such a baby doll!!!

Well the day of swimming at Gankys was a blast and I really enjoyed myself and all the children had a blast!!! Justin is really getting the special treatment on his pre-deployment leave!! We all usually end up doing whatever Justin mentions!! He had told me that he wanted chicken wings tonight and that was just fine with me! That meant I did not have to do any cooking!!! He also said that after dinner he wanted us to watch a movie...The Haunting in Connecticut!!! I can promise you one thing, that is one scary movie!!!! I am not one to watch that kind of movie but that is what Justin wanted and so that is what I did!! I may never sleep again and especially with the lights out!! I just can't believe that he got this for us to watch! But we did and we all survived...well a few of us may have wet our pants but all in all it was a good movie...if you like that kind!! was a glorious day and can't wait to see what today holds for us!!

Oh and by the way we thought the dryer was fixed but, it is NOT!!! So off to Home Depot we go to get a dryer!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wet Clothes...

Oh what is that you may say!!! Well it is my dryer!!!! It BROKE!!
My husband being the lovely and most understanding person God ever put on this earth had to hear the Howell come out in me and gripe about the fact that a brand new dryer was gonna cost us $300.0o and I just did not see any need in that if he could fix it!!

Soooo, He tore it apart and found out what the problem was AND...

He is fixing it!!! YAYYY!!!!

I sure hope that it works when he gets it all back together or I will be having to make a trip to the Home Depot and I sure don't want to have to do that!!!! So when you all say your prayers please pray for my dryer and Jeff!!! Have great day!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Granny is BETTER!!! wonderful dinner!

She is not completely well but she is feeling better!!

She cooked a few things for dinner!!

She made this wonderful meatloaf!! And I mean it was WONDERFUL!!

And she also made a Chicken Casserole!! This was my favorite!!!

And Lima Beans to go with those two dishes!!!


So I came in and made Cornbread...

sliced tomato from Dear Nanny's

And Cabbage from Nana and Pops Garden!!

We all enjoyed it so much!!
I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swim suit models!!!

I can remember as a little girl, Tracy and I putting on our swim suits and we would put on a show outside at my house!! We had this little block wall that we would walk on and I tell you what, we really did strut our stuff!! So when the girls got new swim suits this past weekend they wanted me to make pictures of them and I had left my camera at home! But I made sure that I brought it with me to make their pictures!!! They love to get their pictures made and especially when they know that they are going on the blog!!!!
Here is Alex...she got her a bikini!!! She loves it!!!

Here is Avery...she stayed with a one piece!!
(my kind of gal!)

and now with some of Autumn's shades on!

Aren't they just precious!!

And so now they did their modeling show for me, I fixed them an Ice Cream Cone!!!

What a great day we had! They dressed up but mostly stayed in their swim suits!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and I am truly enjoying having my son home!! He is such a joy, but good lord can he eat!!! I have cooked more in the past two days than I have in 6 months!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She's home!!!

Oh how happy I was to see this lovely face come walking up the steps!!! Our home has been so empty with out her here!! But she is back and we are gonna get this sugar thing under control!!! We are like two peas in a pod!! We laugh, cry and just go through everything together!!

And this is Justin's girlfriends mom, Leah!!!! She is the sweetest person!! We have so much fun together!! She is a nurse and said that she will help us out in any way with granny's diabetes!! She was here with me as I gave her the first shot of insulin!! Her sugar was down to 212 before the shot!!! I did pretty good!! I use to do it all the time...20 years ago for my mama!! And now I will be more than happy to give it to Brenda AKA doublegranny!
Ok well you all have a great day and I will keep you all posted on Granny! Ganky will be coming to take her to the doctor this morning!! It takes everyone pulling together to take care of the ones that mean to most to us!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Poor Granny!!

Our Sunday was pretty normal to begin with! We all got up and off to church we went!!! Wonderful service! I really Enjoyed it, Justin was there playing his guitar!!! After church we all decided that we would go to lunch!! So off the O'Charleys we went!!! A big group of us! Well to be exact 14!!! So we sat there through lunch and we kinda noticed that Granny did not act like she felt so good and then she said she was going on out and so then we went on out behind her! She asked me what I was fixing to do and she said that she thought she would get Regina(her daughter) to take her on to the hospital cause she wasn't feeling so good! I asked her what was wrong and she just said that she felt like she was just gonna pass out!

So instead of her going and just sitting in the Emergency room I decided that I would call 911 and let them get her on back and get her checked out! And that is what we did...Rockdale Hospital is where we spent the rest of the day!
The main reason for our visit today was...She is Diabetic and her blood sugar level was up to 653!!!!

Now that is way to high and so very dangerous!!! Please pray for her!! Still not sure what they are gonna do with her yet!!! And that is why she felt as though she was gonna pass out! I have never heard of anyones blood sugar level getting that high!!! I was so worried! By the time that I left it had gone down and then the last was it was down to 388!! Just keep those prayers coming!!
I hope that each of you have a great day!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


And all I have heard for months was that when Justin comes home we are going to go Karaoke!! And what Justing wants...Justin gets!!!! I wonder Marines don't smile!!

And so he got to dance with Bailey!!!

The girls got their chance at a song...our group rocked the house!!!

And Granny enjoys her time at the Karaoke Place!
She usually wins the contest but they did not have one tonight!!!!
What a wonderful time we all had...Good Food, Fun, Singing and Dancing!!!! I am glad that they only have this once a week...I could not handle all this anymore than that!!! I can honestly say that all this just wore me out!!!!! I am not as young as I use to be...40 is just around the corner for me!!!!
We had a super Saturday and we are all looking forward to another one today!!