Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fantastic Friday!

We went to Gankys and she had everything all patriotic for Justin!!!
He is so Loved!!
This is a little sign hanging on Ganky's back porch!! How true that is!!!!

Look at the smile that a good family get together makes him!!

Britani and Bailey...They had the same swim suit and only met a few weeks ago!! Aren't they so precious!!

The Marine always has to make us laugh!! He loves it!!!

Autumn and Britani quit swimming for a quick pose...they are so use to the blogging pictures!!
And then I caught this one of Bradley...Isn't he just the handsome fella!!
Alex is growing up so much and just loves to show us that big smile!!!

And who would not want a piece of that watermelon!! Avery is such a baby doll!!!

Well the day of swimming at Gankys was a blast and I really enjoyed myself and all the children had a blast!!! Justin is really getting the special treatment on his pre-deployment leave!! We all usually end up doing whatever Justin mentions!! He had told me that he wanted chicken wings tonight and that was just fine with me! That meant I did not have to do any cooking!!! He also said that after dinner he wanted us to watch a movie...The Haunting in Connecticut!!! I can promise you one thing, that is one scary movie!!!! I am not one to watch that kind of movie but that is what Justin wanted and so that is what I did!! I may never sleep again and especially with the lights out!! I just can't believe that he got this for us to watch! But we did and we all survived...well a few of us may have wet our pants but all in all it was a good movie...if you like that kind!! was a glorious day and can't wait to see what today holds for us!!

Oh and by the way we thought the dryer was fixed but, it is NOT!!! So off to Home Depot we go to get a dryer!!!!


  1. Great Pictures, Fun day and girl was I tired! Love you and have a super Saturday!

  2. That was a great day! I just watched the movie with Autumn and it is really creepy! I get a little more scared when I know it is based on true events. That spooks me more! I hope you guys have a wonderful Saturday! I bet you are cooking biscuits right now! When he leaves, your others will certainly have to adjust back to the healthy eating, won't they? Love you LOU!!

  3. Oh, I so loved the pictures you posted on MySpace, those little girls are so preciuos! B & B are very cute too, lol! I'm so glad that Justin is having a good time, about the movie when Billy was home on leave before heading out to Okinawa he treated me to a night out....we saw "The Unborn" YIKES is all I can say :)

  4. I kinda like scary movies. I'm going to have to get that one, maybe tonight. I'm having a swim get-together Tuesday at my house. I sure hope you and all your younguns can make it. Swimming and lunch, like Auntie T does.