Tuesday, July 28, 2009

High Sugar???

So today we were checking granny's sugar so I thought that I would just check mine and see what it was
so do you think these would cause that??
No, just kidding...I had eaten a bowl of cereal and that is what made it go up that high! By the time we got home it was 79!!!

But seriously these are what made granny's sugar go sky high!!
Honey Buns!!!

Then I turn around and she has an arm full of these!!!
Donuts...of every flavor!!!

And no she did not get these they are not allowed!! She was trying me to see what I would say!!! LOL!!! She is soooo funny!!

Oh and we are looking forward to spending the day with KellyKelly!!! Lots of pictures to come and so no questions asked...Justin and Bailey broke up... :(
Everything happens for a reason...never know what they are right away but God knows whats best and we just have to accept things!!! You all have a great day...We are gonna have a blast!!!


  1. You girls made me hungry with all those sweets. Glad your sugar went down, we got enough ailments going on with Granny:) Sorry about Justin and Bailey, hopefully neither of them has a hurt heart:)
    Love you and see you later at Kelly's.

  2. "STEP AWAY FROM THE SUGAR!" Girl, you know those swiss cake rolls are your weakness! Sorry to hear about Justin and Bailey, but agree with you about everything happening for a reason! Hope you guys have fun today! Love you.

  3. Yeah, sorry about Justin and Bailey. He's a great guy and I'm sure he'll never have a problem finding a great gal!

  4. I love those little cakes, mmmmmmmm! Sorry about Justin & Bailey :( .....hopefully they are o.k. I know how I felt when things ended with Billy & Mel :( we still see her once in a while and I talk to her often but it isn't the same...oh here I go crying!