Friday, July 24, 2009

Wet Clothes...

Oh what is that you may say!!! Well it is my dryer!!!! It BROKE!!
My husband being the lovely and most understanding person God ever put on this earth had to hear the Howell come out in me and gripe about the fact that a brand new dryer was gonna cost us $300.0o and I just did not see any need in that if he could fix it!!

Soooo, He tore it apart and found out what the problem was AND...

He is fixing it!!! YAYYY!!!!

I sure hope that it works when he gets it all back together or I will be having to make a trip to the Home Depot and I sure don't want to have to do that!!!! So when you all say your prayers please pray for my dryer and Jeff!!! Have great day!!!


  1. Girl, that Jeff can fix anything! You know you could use a clothesline...LOL! Love you!

  2. By that photo Justin really looks like his dad. Hope he can do it. I got in trouble once when my dad, husband and friend were fixing something. I took a picture and it scared them because they thought the flash was something electrical. lol!