Saturday, July 4, 2009

Thank you!

Thank you to all the service men and women!!!
And never for many years did the 4th of July mean a whole lot to me! But as of July 6th 2008 the meaning of this holiday totally changed for me!!! Almost one year ago my son joined the United States Marine Corps! This is my Marine!!!! He is currently stationed at Camp Lejeune and will be deployed sometime in August!! :( He means the world to me and I have so much respect for him, and all of the others that serve our country!!!
I remember the day you were born;
I can't believe it's been nineteen years,
You started out as my little boy;
and grew into such a good man,
You have always been so independent;
You have accomplished every goal that you have had for yourself;
You have exceeded every expectation throughout your life;
I am so proud to say;
You are my Son,
You are One of the few;
The Proud;
You are a Marine.
Love your Mom

I Love him...can you tell by the smile on my face!!

You all enjoy this day and let's never forget the meaning of this day and always keep our men and women that are serving our country in our prayers, not just today but always!


  1. I love him too and appreciate all our men and women keeping us safe! I am thankful to be home, sitting on my very own couch:) Love you and thanks for handling my paper and mail! Happy 4th to you all!

  2. This made me cry.....I will nevr forget July 6th as long as I live ~ I thought I'd die of a broken heart watching my baby walk down the drive way with the Recruiter & I will never ever for get his beautiful face when the sun finally came up and we could see our new Marines on Family Day morning...they were all facing forward but their eyes were scanning the crowd looking for thier families. When I fianlly saw Billy and he found us in the crowd he said he had all he could do not to break out into a giant grin, I still look at those pictures of them running on that chilly morning and they were all smiles from ear to ear!!!! And, I will never forget the very special people that I met along that journey and call my friends. Happy 4th of July ~ Semper Mom!

  3. He stands so proud when he wears the uniform. I'm proud of him and I've never met him! Bless you all!