Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Manic Monday!!!

This is my Aunt Mattie Lou! She is my mama's baby sister and she is a real sweetie! As many of us that could got together today for her Birthday! It was so much fun! We went to our family favorite, Chinese restaurant! Missed those that could not make it!! These two girls had a real blast! Avery and Alex!!! They ate rice, soup, watermelon, and donuts! I am just glad to see Alex with that great big smile on her face!!
And here is Doublegranny!! She has not been feeling so well but I think she may be on the road to recovery and decided that she would get out and join us at the Chinese Buffet!! She doesn't look like she has been sick does she? Still not 100% but feeling better!!
And well since school is out these two got in on the Chinese!! They sat down at the end of the table and just had their own little gathering! They carried on their own conversation and helped out with the babies or anything else that we needed!! You know the older I get I realize more and more how nice it is to have some one younger to do most of the running around with you!!!LOL!!! No really these are two great girls!!! I love them both!

Wow...what a day!!! It was really more than a lunch! It all started with a Doctors visit for Alex and Avery with a new doctor, that we just loved!!! And both girls are doing great, but the new Doctor wanted a chest x-ray on Alex since she is just getting over Pneumonia. And I thought that was a great idea!! So after the Doctors appt. we went back to do a few things at Tracy's and then off to lunch! After lunch we went back to Tracy's and finished all my doings! Then about 4 I loaded up children and off to the hospital to get the chest x-ray! Well they would not let me do anything until Tracy got there so we went up to the 3rd floor to check on Ms. Louise from our church!! She was doing good!! Made me a little sad...I can remember my pop being in that same room at one time! And so just after a short visit with them Tracy arrived so we went for the
x-ray!! They had vending machines so you can imagine how much fun we had with the two little girls!!! All I could do was laugh!!! So anyways that was my Monday!!! Can't wait to see what Tuesday holds. Hopefully not so busy!!! I hope that it is a great day for you and me!!!!
Justin will be home in 4 more days!!


  1. It was a GREAT day! Wonderful lunch with people we love! It is nice to have some young legs to do some running around... and not complain? Priceless! Can't wait for Justin to get home:) Hopefully the xray comes out real clear! Love you, SIS

  2. Good pic of Foo Foo! I hope she had a good time! She deserves it. I love the pic of Aut and Brit (Bertha and Beatrice)!! Thanks SO much for the help yesterday. I know it was a strange day, but we made it work anyway! Love you and have a great day!