Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moon Sand, Working at Nanny's and The Moon!!

For Alex's Birthday she got lots of presents and all of them are very neat but our most favorite to play with today was the Moon Sand!!
This is some really neat stuff and we played with it for a good long time!! The girls had so much fun and Alex built a castle!!

Then I went to Barbara's and here is Jerry taking down the trim!! He has been working so hard to get their house fixed!!

Britani even got in there with her a hammer and helped him!! She had so much fun just her and Jerry working together!!

Well at Tracy's they have been having some work done in the backyard!! It really is looking good! So I go by the window that goes to the backyard about 100 times and I have got to see alot of progress today!! I can not wait to see the finished project!! But then at this one point today I went by the window and I had to run and get my camera and take this picture...The sun was shining and the weather was nice but the MOON was about half way out also!! HA!! LOL!!! I just could not resist!!

I hope you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Birthday Day!!

Here she is 5 years old!!!

Miss Alexandra Leigh Parrish!!

Her Birthday cookie cake I made for her party at school!!

She is so happy! She said she doesn't even feel 5!!

We all went to Dinner and here are Britani and Autumn!!

And then here are Bradley and Austin!!

Look at Miss Avery's smile!!! She just had to have this picture taken!!

It was a Good Birthday Day!!!

I hope everyone has a great day today!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Alex!!!

I can't believe that this little girl is 5 years old today!!! She is so so so special to me and I love her more than she will ever know!!! Just look at that face...isn't she precious!!
She was so excited to be turning 5!!!

Jeff, Justin, Bradley Britani, Granny and myself gave her this Princess Bike!! She had asked me for it a while back and never let me forget it!! From the look on her face I think she likes it!! What do you think?? She rode it around and around the living room!I love this smile!!!
Look at all this food that was served...everything was delicious!!!

Uncle Jeff went and got this slide for the party and all the children had so much fun on it!!

After a while....Alex needed a drink of Ganky's punch and she loved that stuff I bet she had 4 or 5 cups!!

It was a wonderful birthday party!!!
Today is her actual birthday and I will have more pictures of her party at school tomorrow!!
I hope that you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Family Reunion 09

Here we are....gathered round for the 09 picture of the Howells!!!
Alot of them were missing but alot of them were!!!
It was hard to be there with sooo much going on and so much to do at Barbara's but had fun with the ones that was there and will look forward to it again next year...same place and same time!!! Hopefully more will be able to show up!!!

Today is Alex's Birthday Party and She is so excited!!!
I will have lots of pictures of that for you!
~Till Tomorrow~

Saturday, September 26, 2009

so much done...

Well unlike some of the others that have been helping out at Barbara's...
I have to work!
So I have been taking the afternoon shift and doing just whatever! And so when I got there yesterday not alot left to do! YAY!!! I got my orders from Theresa (ganky) and got busy! Dishes that are in the bottom cabinets are full of water and they needed to be dumped and washed!! I HATE WASHING DISHES!! But for my dear sister I would do anything to help her!! So I used a little of this...

and a little bit more of this...

and got alot of the dishes done and will go back today to finish!!! Pots and Pans is all thats left!! then we will be spraying down the walls with a bleach mixture and clean them with some of this...

She has paneling on the walls and this will clean it up nicely!!!

Well I got to go...Family Reunion this morning...well 11:00 and I will be late I got to go pick up my wings first!!

Have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tell me your favorite...

This is my favorite show...I just can't believe that George is gone!!!
I set my DVR up to record it even when I am not home and I can watch it in the mornings while getting ready if I miss it!! Which I try not too!
What is your favorite show?
This has been the best week for shows....FORSURE!!
Have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water going down and Its Party time!!

To some people it may not look like the flood water is going down....but Praise the Lord it is!!!!

It has gone down enough that Jerry, Britani and myself went in the house today and took a look around!!!
That's right we went in...This is Britani standing in the kitchen of the house and water is up past her ankles still!!! But you can see where the water got up to on the door!!! Not everything is not a total lost!!! We went through and looked in every room and then out we went!!

They are thinking that we may be able to get down the driveway today!!!

And now IT'S PARTY TIME!!!
It is my Rhonda's Birthday!!!!
I hope she has a wonderful day and we will be cooking out tonight at their house...and we always have soo much fun!!! I will be taking pictures!!!


Everyone have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Rain came down and the floods came up!!

The Rain came down and the floods came up
The Rain came down and floods came up
And up and up and up!!
But the Nanny's house stands strong!!
Yes that is 7:45 this is wher the water was!!
She lives next to the yellow river!!

We had two sister and one brother and myself helping move stuff out!
My Brother Leon decided we would try to save this yard swing...everything else has floated away!!

So not we have moved stuff out and went back to get some clothes and the driveway was now covered!!!

At this point it is up to the windows and in all parts of the house!! Nanny and Jerry are safe and sound at theycallmeganky's pool house!!

It is unreal but everyone is safe and all other things are just material and can eventually be replaced!!
Now on another note...I had school again last night and well...
I did really good!!
I placed in a Fast Track Program and I am soooo excited!! If all works out I will have my GED by October 21st!!!!! Thank you so much for all your support and please keep it up I still have a few more weeks to go!!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recycle and School!!!

How many of you recycle??

Well I don't really but Tracy does!!

She has 4 children and they drink lots of milk so she recylces Milk jugs!!

Well we just never have found but one place to take them and we just never had the time to run them over there until today and I found a place to take them on my way home!! So Tracy and I loaded up my car and off we went!!I mean my car was loaded down!!

But we got them taken and it really felt good to know that all those milk jugs do not end up in our landfill!!

So then after my day of work I headed home for just a bit. Regina one of my other nieces is going to school with me and we had our notebooks and pencils and off we went!!

It was not soooo bad!! We tested and ended up in the difficult book!! So maybe I am smarter than a 5th grader!! We will find out what our grade level is tonight!!

Keep us in your prayers...It is harder than I thought but not so hard right now!!

Have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain Rain Go away!!!

Rain Rain Go Away...
It is time to get out the rain boots

And I think we need to start building one of these!!

It has rained for days and everything is flooding!!! I sure hope it lets up soon or we will be having to do something!!

Well I start school today and last night I got out my paper and pencils and thought you know I didn't get any new school clothes!! My daddy ALWAYS made sure I got new clothes when school started and when Summer time come around!! :( No new clothes this time!!:( I will let you know how it goes!!

Have a great day!!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun Times!!

It was such a rainy day and really didn't want to do alot so we decided that we would head out for just a bit to Chick-fil-a!!! They had a playground area and I thought the girls would love it!!

This is the name of the playground!!

My girls had so much fun!!! They climbed and went on the slide for about 2 hours!!!

They just had so much fun...we did not have to be in any hurry and I just let them play!!!

Bradley bought him a hunting mask today and Alex wanted her picture made with him!!

We had such a sleepover...Britani, Skylar, Alex and Avery!!! These 4 girls had so much fun!! For hours they played in my garage. They set up the overhead and hung the dry erase board and set up the desk and played school!! They put together puzzles and just had so much fun!!

We had us a SUPER SATURDAY!!!
So now we are getting ready for church!!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Here and there and everywhere!

I will go ahead and apologize, No pictures!!
It was a crazy day and I just didn't get pictures loaded!
To start off with I was up and got my Twins off to school and then Alex and Avery up and dressed. Alex had school and Avery and I were meeting Ganky, Deeaaar Nanny, FooFoo and Kelly for breakfast! Still had a few things to do at Tracy's so off we went!

Got Alex to school and to Tracy's for a bit and then to breakfast!! Which was Delicious!! And then Alex has a Birthday next week so invitations had not got done yet and so off to get envelopes and stuff them and pass out the ones for school. Then to the office to give them the mail. From there to pick up Britani and then back to Tracy's to print more invitations. Had to go back to the office to stamp them and then to the post office!! Well it is now 2:45 and my soap that I have watched for 39 years was showing its very LAST episode yesterday. (Guiding Light) I just had to get home to watch it!! Then I decided I was leaving for dinner or going anywhere else UNTIL...I had to go get me-milk!! Got milk and Britani had gone on a date and waited on her to get home and then straight to bed I went!!
WOW!!! I think that after typing it all in for the blog I am tired again!!
My dog is not feeling so good so I am taking him to the Doctor this morning!
You all have a good day...
~Till Tomorrow~

Friday, September 18, 2009

5 words and special visitors!!

I have just recently started following a blog:
Teresa's Treasures
She was doing a post based on five words she was given. She invited us to play along if we wanted and you know me, I love knowing about people so I asked her to send me my 5 words. If you too are interested, leave me a comment and your email address and I too will send you 5 random words. These are my 5 words......

1.Supply - I may not have all the things that I want but God does SUPPLY all my needs.

2.Tension-TENSION in my life does not do well! I really do not like it!

3.Dedication-I love my Family and the DEDICATION that we all have to each other!!

4.Patient-I have a son that is in the USMC and I have 16 year old twin so that is what makes me PATIENT in this life!!

5.Serious-Through this life I have learned that you cannot take everything so SERIOUS! You must have some sort of sense of humor, or you will never be able to keep a smile on your face! I love the Laugh!!

I also had special guest to come over tonight and they will be spending the weekend with me, while their parents are out of town!!

Here they are playing with the overhead projector with Britani!!

And here is Bradley with his new girlfriend Libby! She is very sweet and we enjoyed having her over for a visit!!

Well that will be all for today. If you would like to participate in the 5 words let me know when you leave me a comment with your e-mail!! It was lots of fun!! I really would enjoy learning new things about each my followers!!
~Till Tomorrow~

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I WON!!!
I have a blog that I read everyday and she was doing a fall giveaway!! And I won!! I was so excited I could not even figure out how to e-mail her to give her my address...but finally figured it out!! This is the picture of what I won!! I can not wait to get it!!

Go and check out her blog! She just found out she is expecting her 3rd child!!

I hope that you all have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rice Krispies and Ortho

Rice Krispies in a bowl not treats...Alex loved them!!! Avery only liked to listen to them...Snap, Krackle, Pop!!!
This should be on a commercial!!

But when it came to the treats....well what do you think?
Alex loved them but did not like the way they were sticky!!

Avery could care less how sticky they were she said these are YUMMY!!

Then off to the ortho I went!!!
Britani with Shelia!!

Bradley with Shelia!!

You all have a wonderful Wednesday!!
~Til Tomorrow~