Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun Times!!

It was such a rainy day and really didn't want to do alot so we decided that we would head out for just a bit to Chick-fil-a!!! They had a playground area and I thought the girls would love it!!

This is the name of the playground!!

My girls had so much fun!!! They climbed and went on the slide for about 2 hours!!!

They just had so much fun...we did not have to be in any hurry and I just let them play!!!

Bradley bought him a hunting mask today and Alex wanted her picture made with him!!

We had such a sleepover...Britani, Skylar, Alex and Avery!!! These 4 girls had so much fun!! For hours they played in my garage. They set up the overhead and hung the dry erase board and set up the desk and played school!! They put together puzzles and just had so much fun!!

We had us a SUPER SATURDAY!!!
So now we are getting ready for church!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Sounds like loads of fun! The Parents are coming home and we will return our guests to their rightful owners:) We had had a good time too! Love you all!

  2. well it sounds like those little one had such a great time they may never want to leave....isn't it funny the y go to school all week long & the first thing they want to play is SCHOOL!!!!! I see Bradley is getting ready for hunting season,so is Mr.P...good luck to both Bradley & Jeff. I know if I tell Mr. P thet they got thmeselves a deer he'll be heading on out that way, LOL!!!! LYLAS!!!

  3. Oh Lynda...just go ahead and tell him and then you can come with him for a visit!!! That sounds like the best idea ever!!!!!

  4. Britini looks tired! Sounds like lots of fun! Have a great rest of the weekend! Get rest this afternoon! :D

  5. Love that picture of Bradley. You are certainly lucky to have sweet Britani to help you out so much! Hope my Nayna is as helpful when she's 16. I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like chick-fil-A!!!
    But I do like their playground, hee-hee!
    Love you and have a great Sunday...