Friday, September 25, 2009

Tell me your favorite...

This is my favorite show...I just can't believe that George is gone!!!
I set my DVR up to record it even when I am not home and I can watch it in the mornings while getting ready if I miss it!! Which I try not too!
What is your favorite show?
This has been the best week for shows....FORSURE!!
Have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Hmmmmm I love Dancing with the Stars, NCIS and the CSI shows, and all the funny shows. Can't pick just one:) Love you

  2. I love Ghost Hunters & The Office & Community! But my all time favorite is I Love Lucy!!!!!!!!! LYLAS!

  3. We watch NCIS, too! Love it! And I love 24 (which hasn't started yet), The Mentalist, House, The Closer, Criminal Minds, House Hunters, Dog Whisperer, Top Chef, and Diners,Drive-ins and Dives! Sounds like alot but I don't turn it on during the day at all. We record these and try to watch them on weekends.

  4. Ok, I have to admit. When I saw the picture, I was afraid to read your blog because I had it recorded and had not had time to watch it yet. I watched it Friday night and LOVED IT! My favorites and Survivor, Grey's, Big Brother and Biggest Loser. I also LOVE the show on the BIO Channel called I Survived. Try to find it and watch it sometime. It is awesome! Have a good day. Love you!!