Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recycle and School!!!

How many of you recycle??

Well I don't really but Tracy does!!

She has 4 children and they drink lots of milk so she recylces Milk jugs!!

Well we just never have found but one place to take them and we just never had the time to run them over there until today and I found a place to take them on my way home!! So Tracy and I loaded up my car and off we went!!I mean my car was loaded down!!

But we got them taken and it really felt good to know that all those milk jugs do not end up in our landfill!!

So then after my day of work I headed home for just a bit. Regina one of my other nieces is going to school with me and we had our notebooks and pencils and off we went!!

It was not soooo bad!! We tested and ended up in the difficult book!! So maybe I am smarter than a 5th grader!! We will find out what our grade level is tonight!!

Keep us in your prayers...It is harder than I thought but not so hard right now!!

Have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. What a sweet picture of you and Begima, made me smile:) I am proud of the both of you! Glad you all got rid of the milk jugs, felt good I am sure! Love you, SIS!

  2. What a relief the milk jugs are gone! Thanks for helping. I know every little bit helps when it comes to recycling. I am trying to get brave enough to recycle some other items... DO not roll your eyes! ;) We know where to take it all now! I am also proud of you. You looked like a little girl so excited about going to school for the first time. Go back and look at your face! Too cute!! You had your little notebook and is that Alex's favorite shirt you are wearing?! HEE HEE!

  3. Hope you have a good day at school. Study hard and don't sass the teacher. I think it's awesome! Praying for your rain situation!

  4. Oh, I love the picture of the two of you heading off to school! You should bothe be very proud of yourselves, that takes courage don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!!!!! You'll both do great, I just know it but I'll send up a few prayers for extra measure :) ~ we recycle here but I usually bag min eup and give them to my homeless friend, he turns them in for cash and hopefully it helps him out a little :) LYLAS!!!! Good luck in class, study hard!!!!!