Friday, September 18, 2009

5 words and special visitors!!

I have just recently started following a blog:
Teresa's Treasures
She was doing a post based on five words she was given. She invited us to play along if we wanted and you know me, I love knowing about people so I asked her to send me my 5 words. If you too are interested, leave me a comment and your email address and I too will send you 5 random words. These are my 5 words......

1.Supply - I may not have all the things that I want but God does SUPPLY all my needs.

2.Tension-TENSION in my life does not do well! I really do not like it!

3.Dedication-I love my Family and the DEDICATION that we all have to each other!!

4.Patient-I have a son that is in the USMC and I have 16 year old twin so that is what makes me PATIENT in this life!!

5.Serious-Through this life I have learned that you cannot take everything so SERIOUS! You must have some sort of sense of humor, or you will never be able to keep a smile on your face! I love the Laugh!!

I also had special guest to come over tonight and they will be spending the weekend with me, while their parents are out of town!!

Here they are playing with the overhead projector with Britani!!

And here is Bradley with his new girlfriend Libby! She is very sweet and we enjoyed having her over for a visit!!

Well that will be all for today. If you would like to participate in the 5 words let me know when you leave me a comment with your e-mail!! It was lots of fun!! I really would enjoy learning new things about each my followers!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Great post Sis! Cute Pictures too and go Bradley, she is CUTE:) Love you!

  2. well are you so lucky to have those twofor the weekend! britani looks like she is having fun too & watch out ladies HERE COMES BRADLEY, so handsome! here is my e-mail address can't wait for my 5 words...LYLAS have a great day!

  3. Ah... Bradley's girlfriend is a cutey. And have fun with those little ones! Sounds like popcorn and a movie night! I love having sleepovers!!! Have a great weekend!