Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last Hoorah of the summer!!

Well Summer is now officially over and it is time to move on to Fall!!! I like Fall but Summer is my Favorite!! And it is definitely Justins favorite!! He enjoyed his day!!
Aren't these two girls pretty! Britani got in the pool but the water was a little chilly and Autumn just didn't really want to swim!!
But Bradley had other ideas for her... :-O
SHE WENT SWIMMING!!! :-(Alex stopped what she was doing to pose for a picture...Look at her feet she likes for the picture to show her feet!! She loves having her picture made and she loves taking pictures!!
And look at Avery swim....She really is doing good!!
All of the children had so much fun in the water today!! Thank you Ganky for a wonderful end of summer blast!!! I snapped this picture of Tracy...Notice she has no teef!! Just kidding she does but when we were little girls we would eat something chocolate and cover our teef with it and laugh cause we looked like we didn't have any teef!!! LOL!!! Sometimes you just can't forget the things of your childhood!!! She is sooo funny!!!
It was a wonderful day and I am so glad to share it with family!!! I hope that you all enjoyed your Labor Day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. We DID have a great day as we always do when we get together! All the pictures are soooo sweet and OMG Tracy's no teef picture... let's just say my computer keyboard can't take much more coffee spewing on it. HaHaHa! Love you and thanks for sharing Justin with all of us:)

  2. My TEEF ARE PURTY! I do not know what you all are laughing at! I am so glad you go the picture of Bradley throwing Autumn in and I am also glad she was a good sport about it! She even continued to swim in her clothes! What a fun day! I love you and will see you soon! Alex is up already! It is now 6:03! :o

  3. Our water was a little chilly too. The kids didn't swim long at all.

  4. Sounds like so much fun! Our weather was RAIN! Shock. I am freezing right now! Enjoy your day today and God bless!

  5. Well, I'm glad you had fun & that Justin enjoyed his 96 & I'm glad that Tracy's "TEEF" are still intact, LOL!!!! We used to chew up the wax lips and press them onto our teeth like they were braces & I wore pipe cleaners for eye glasses, IDK I guess kids are strange no matter the generation! LOL!!!!! LYLAS