Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Alex!!!

I can't believe that this little girl is 5 years old today!!! She is so so so special to me and I love her more than she will ever know!!! Just look at that face...isn't she precious!!
She was so excited to be turning 5!!!

Jeff, Justin, Bradley Britani, Granny and myself gave her this Princess Bike!! She had asked me for it a while back and never let me forget it!! From the look on her face I think she likes it!! What do you think?? She rode it around and around the living room!I love this smile!!!
Look at all this food that was served...everything was delicious!!!

Uncle Jeff went and got this slide for the party and all the children had so much fun on it!!

After a while....Alex needed a drink of Ganky's punch and she loved that stuff I bet she had 4 or 5 cups!!

It was a wonderful birthday party!!!
Today is her actual birthday and I will have more pictures of her party at school tomorrow!!
I hope that you all have a great day!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Weel now I'm glad she had a good time at her party, 5 is a BIG number to those little one :) ~ I'm glad that all of you have been able to find time to enjoy yourselves, I heard that it is going to start drying up down there so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed & keep sending up those prayers! LYLAS!!

  2. Sweet baby girl! She was too cute on that bicycle:) Love you and hug her this morning from her Ganky!!!

  3. Cute pictures of a sweet and cute little gal! Hope y'all have a great day and Happy 5th B-day Alex.
    Love ya bunches!

  4. What a fun party it ended up being! Alot of hard work but worth it.... DEREK!! Haahaa! Thanks for all your help. You know I love you!!