Saturday, September 26, 2009

so much done...

Well unlike some of the others that have been helping out at Barbara's...
I have to work!
So I have been taking the afternoon shift and doing just whatever! And so when I got there yesterday not alot left to do! YAY!!! I got my orders from Theresa (ganky) and got busy! Dishes that are in the bottom cabinets are full of water and they needed to be dumped and washed!! I HATE WASHING DISHES!! But for my dear sister I would do anything to help her!! So I used a little of this...

and a little bit more of this...

and got alot of the dishes done and will go back today to finish!!! Pots and Pans is all thats left!! then we will be spraying down the walls with a bleach mixture and clean them with some of this...

She has paneling on the walls and this will clean it up nicely!!!

Well I got to go...Family Reunion this morning...well 11:00 and I will be late I got to go pick up my wings first!!

Have a great day!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Love you and appreciate EVERY hand that helps:) We are HOWELL strong!!!!! Love you, see you at the Reunion.

  2. MMMMMMM, wings....Love Them! You ladies & gents have been working soooo hard & I'm glad that you all get to take today off for some fun, sorry Justin won't be able to get there, but, he'll get another 96 in October won't he for Columbus should do something special them just for him :) Have a great day, ENJOY!!!!! God Bless, LYLAS!!!!!!

  3. Sorry we missed the reunion but Autumn pitched all three games today.. 22 innings and they won the whole tournament! Yay!! Can't wait til tomorrow. Love you!