Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Rain came down and the floods came up!!

The Rain came down and the floods came up
The Rain came down and floods came up
And up and up and up!!
But the Nanny's house stands strong!!
Yes that is 7:45 this is wher the water was!!
She lives next to the yellow river!!

We had two sister and one brother and myself helping move stuff out!
My Brother Leon decided we would try to save this yard swing...everything else has floated away!!

So not we have moved stuff out and went back to get some clothes and the driveway was now covered!!!

At this point it is up to the windows and in all parts of the house!! Nanny and Jerry are safe and sound at theycallmeganky's pool house!!

It is unreal but everyone is safe and all other things are just material and can eventually be replaced!!
Now on another note...I had school again last night and well...
I did really good!!
I placed in a Fast Track Program and I am soooo excited!! If all works out I will have my GED by October 21st!!!!! Thank you so much for all your support and please keep it up I still have a few more weeks to go!!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. What a day we all had! Glad they are safe and hope they are comfortable in my little house:) Anxious to see how things are this morning... gotta put together a plan to get their home fixed back up. Love you and I am proud you are on the Fast Track!

  2. Oh girls....I am so sorry about the flodd it's a good thing she has you & Theresa & the rest of your siblings to help out...but hey that's what families are for!!!! It's just too bad, but you are right the material things can be replaced over time, I'm just glad they are o.k.!
    And look at you getting fast-tracked!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!! LYLAS!!

  3. Lanny and I are praying for you all down there. The pictures broke my heart! God bless you all. xoxo

  4. I hate this happened. I know how proud she was of her home! Hopefully it will all dry out and be ok. I am so proud of you Lou! Great job!