Saturday, September 12, 2009

High School Football

I will start off by showing off my pound cake I made for Derek (my boss/nephew)!! He was going on a golf trip this weekend and a bunch of the guys were going so I made them a cake to take and eat on!! I actually forgot to make it until about 9 o'clock Thursday night and as most of you know a pound cake has to cook for an hour or more and my bedtime is usually at 10 o'clock!! But I got in there and made the cake and well I don't know how it taste cut it turned out beautiful!!
So now on with my Friday!! I have been out of school for lets see about 22 years and I use to go to high school football every Friday night.(I use to date the quarterback!!) But I have not been to a high school football game in since then...well maybe once with Justin!! But the twins wanted to go and Bradley had Flag detail so I thought well we will go and suffer through it!!
In this picture Bradley is the one in Digi's with the flagpole under his arm!! He is so handsome...and seeing him in that Marine Corp gear gives me chills!!
I sure hope he doesn't join!!
But I was proud to see him doing the Flag detail and they honored 9-11-01!!
It was so special!!

Now you ready for some FOOTBALL!!

Robert is....Where is he you might ask???

Well he is the one painted up with the mask on!

Showing off his school spirit!! LOL!! He is so darn funny!!

The game was GREAT!! I will be going back!! Newton was playing East side!!! And we really wanted to win this game and well needless to say the did!!


It was a great night and look forward to more!!
You all have a great Saturday!!
~Till Tomorrow~


  1. Great pictures! Cake looks delicious, and I am sure it is:) I don't think Bradley will join the Marines, he will stay home...but he is handsome in his uniform! Robert is a nut, complete thru and thru. Love you and have a blessed day!

  2. The cake looks delish. You really know how to spoil people, don't you? Just like MaMa did. High school football games can be fun, and it looks like yours was. They're not so cheap to get into, though. I think at Union Grove, it costs $10 for adults.

  3. The cake looks so good. I haven't even talked with Derek since he got there, just text, so I don't know if they have eaten any or if they were waiting til the big dinner tonight to eat it. Either way, I am sure everyone will love it! Bradley looks good in his uniform, but I think Bradley looks good in anything! He is so handsome and such a sweet kid! I also do not think he will join. And I agree with Mom, Robert is just a NUT! Love you and have a great weekend!

  4. yes Bradley is very handsome in his Marine uniform, we'll have to wait & see. you know little brothers they want to do everything that the big brother does, but like i told you before if he decides he wants to join i'll drive down to help you tie him up and toss him in the closet and NAIL IT SHUT LOL!!!!! about the football, nothing better than a game under the friday night lights.....LYLAS!