Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lunch for one, lunch for all!

Tuesday was a much better day than Monday and just to go ahead and let you all know that I got my money back!!!! Well all of it but 100 dollars and I will get that back!!
So off to work I go and did my doings at Tracy's and then lunch time came around and Alex said that she wanted corn dogs and Avery wanted chicken nuggets so that is what I fixed them! But for me, I was gonna make me chicken burritos!!
I brought these wonderful wraps!!

chicken shortcuts,

some salsa,
And I was out of cheese so I had to use a bit of Tracy's...
And this was it all put together!!!!

But after the girls seen this they no longer wanted what I had cooked for them. I ended up fixing what was gonna be my lunch the rest of the week for the girls! Alex really loved them!!
She bragged and bragged and could not wait to tell her mama all about the chicken burritos I made!! Avery ate hers but she was not as excited about it as Alex!! She asked me if I could bring that lunch again tomorrow!!!

That smile is just what I live for!! These girls are just precious!!
Here are a couple of pictures that I made over a couple of weeks.....ENJOY!!!!


  1. Sweet that you shared your lunch, now that you got your money back you can buy more wraps:) Last picture almost made me spit my coffee on my computer keyboard, hahahahahah! Love you and see you at the car place as soon as I drop Autumn off!

  2. I have to agree with Theresa on that one we need a warning if the picture are going to make us crack-up...Theresa I tooooo nearly spit my coffee out on my keyboard! Cindy great blog & I'm going ot try those wraps, I found some similar to your at my grocery store so I will be trying that one!!! Glad you got your money back, now a shopping spree is in order fro all of that stress it caused you, lolololololol!!! LYLAS!

  3. Isn't it true that someone elses food always looks better than our own? Wonder why that is? You are a good "sharer". Have a great day today with those girls!