Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just can't believe it!!!

Well this is how happy I am when my Marine is home!!
I am VERY happy!!!!
He has been in the United States Marine Corps for a year and he serves his country so that each of us can have freedom. And I just can't believe that when he got home last night after we had all went to bed someone got into his car and stole his wallet!!! And its not like there is nothing in it...Military ID and all his weapons cards and Debit Cards and now we have a huge headache from having to stop Debit Cards and now he has to get new Military ID and weapons cards!!! Always something!!

And they also took his Navigation that Santa had brought him last year!!!

Did not do any damage to his car...Thank God!!! But it is just the point! He is going to be putting his life in harms way to serve this Country and people just have to steal from him!!!! Makes me sick!! He is a good boy and does not deserve all this!! But I am so thankful that everything that was taken CAN be replaced!!

Have a Blessed Sunday!!!

Before I go...I want each of you to go to

and check out her blog...she is having a giveaway and let her know that Mom of 1 Marine and Twins sent you!!!!!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


  1. He makes us all HAPPY when he pays a visit! I am sorry his stuff was stolen and hope he can get it replaced without too much grief! Love you and see you soon!

  2. Well, I sure am sorry to hear about Justin's wallett & his GPS I hope he can everything back!! I know you're enjoying having him home!!! I'm off to check out that bolg! Have a great Sunday! LYLAS!!!

  3. Dang. I hate that so bad. And mean people, namely thieves, stink!!!! Tell Justin we said hello and send much love.

  4. That is RIDICULOUS! I can not believe the bad luck! Stupid mean people! His car says "Bible Thumper" for crying out loud! Who would steal a wallet out of the car of a good Christian Man? That is so brave and since he is such a good Christian Man, don't you know who was watching the whole theft???!!!