Thursday, April 30, 2009

It finally got me!

Well I have been able to fight off the pollen sore throat this whole time!!! But got up this morning and guess what? It has finally got me!
I had a little bit last night but this morning...can't swallow!!! Rinsing with warm salt water trying to get some relief!!!

I am going to the drug store as soon as I take my twins to school and get this!!! I have taken Tylenol sinus and all but my nose is fine...MY THROAT HURTS!!!! I am just not one that gets sick so when I do I whine forever about it!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and if this medicine does not work I will go to the doctor...TODAY!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'M BACK!!!!

The people that did this has been the reason for me not being able to BLOG!!! But comcast come out and fixed the probelm today!!! AT&T was out doing some work and cut my cable line!!! After several phone calls to comcast and lot of telling them that I knew what the problem was they finally got someone out here this morning to fix it!!! So I am back in the blogging world!!! Took me a while to catch up on everyone and really enjoyed my reading!! I hope you all have a great evening!! I will return in morning with a full blog!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Treats!

Sundays are just a busy day for us! We go to sunday school, church, lunch and then back to church for the evening service. But with Justin home things go a little crazy! So after lunch we went to one of Autumn's ballgames!! We knew that we could not stay for the whole thing but we wanted to see her and give her a chance to see Justin! Boy, can she hit that ball!! Then we went to church for the evening service. And for as long as I can remember when Justin was growing up we would meet a few others at the DQ for a sweet treat!!

Justin with Alexis! She loves him and she told him last night..."I pray for you every night!!"

She is such a sweet girl and always has a special smile to share with everyone!

All three of my children together once again!! Justin, Bradley and Britani!! I just love having my family complete!

Justin and Josh!! Life long best friends!!

And now Justin is gone back to North Carolina and everyone got up to tell him bye! But not to worry he will be back in two weeks...MOTHERS DAY!!! I am so happy!!! I will miss him in the two weeks that he is gone but that is just the mama in me!! I hope that everyone has a great day and remember to say a little prayer for his safe return back to North Carolina!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


WOW!!! I have sunshine in my front yard!!!! I have been in my house for about two years and my front yard has been nothing but shade!!! But yesterday...The sunshine got through to my front yard!!! Kerry Murphy came over with his chain saw!!!!
Jeff had his chain saw...And so down came three trees!!! I will finally get some grass to grow in my yard now!!!!

Justin was home and got to get in all the tree cutting! The boys gathered up the limbs and off they went with them to the back of the house!!!

Bradley loves yard work and is so excited to know that he is going to finally be able to get the front yard fixed up!!
Robert really helped alot dragging limbs to be hauled around back!!!
Well after all that they all deserved a good meal so off we went to the mexican restaurant and Karaoke!!! What a BLAST!!!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wonderful Day...Making Memories!!!

What a wonderful day!!! I got up and went and got Alex and Avery so that they could spend the day with Justin! They had a blast!! You can look at the smiles on all three faces and see that they were so happy to see each other!! They played with him so much and giggled all day long!! Every move Justin made they were right there with him!! SO CUTE!!!So then we all got out and went for a visit so Justin could see some family...I wanted a group shot of all the children together and so Kelly had the perfect spot! They were all just so happy to be with one another!! We got to visit with Kelly and Ganky for a while and the children all had so much fun!

They babies just could not understand just sitting around the pool!! I allowed them to stick their tootsie pops (FEET) in for a little while and they really wanted more! They are not gonna have a fear of the water this year!!

It was a WONDERFUL day and the weather was just perfect!! We made lots of memories for all of us!!! I hope that you all have a great day!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Justin, Bradley and Britani...Together Again!!!!

Well here they are back together!!! Justin is gone most of the time so our family just is not complete! But last night our family was back together! They may fuss and fight, but when it comes down to it they are just three happy children! There is no way to fake those smiles!!! They really do love each other!! I never really had anyone at home to fuss and fight with...well Tracy but she usually got me in trouble cause I would get the spanking cause she would always talk her way out of it...she was the grandchild and I was the child! And as of today she is one of my best friends so it all really worked out! I love you Tracy!!! I always wanted all three of my children to realize the love they have for each other! And with Justin being gone so much well I think they may be finally getting it!! Justin and Bradley really enjoy seeing each other cause Justin does all his Marine moves on Bradley and he loves it! And Bradley tries to do all his wrestling moves on Justin...Never a dull moment!! And I love it!!!And well Britani just stays away from all of this...unless they just really get her going and then she can give these two boys a run for their money!! Alex and Avery are getting to spend the day with Justin today and I am not sure who is more excited!! My almost 20 year old or Avery who just turned 3 or Alex who is almost 5(wow! that's hard to believe!!)!!! I will have lots of pictures and plenty of stories to share with you about there visit!!!

Yesterday...the temperature really got on up there and it was well no other word but WONDERFUL!!!! This is the toadameter that I bought for my Daddy years ago and Ganky fixed it up and now it resides in my flowerbed!!! I love the warm weather and it is suppose to another beautiful day today...after bad storms last night! I hope that you all have a great day! I know that I will...spending the whole day with JUSTIN!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Special Visitor...

Today, I get a special visit from my oldest son!! I am so excited to get to see him! It has been about 2 months since we have got to see him so we are really looking forward to his visit!!! When he comes home he always LOVES to eat!! He has me cooking all weekend or going to Longhorn(his favorite place to eat out!). Well the problem this time is that I am back on weight watchers sooo...I will have to cook a little different for him! Still home-made biscuits and gravy at some point but mostly everything else will have to be lower in calories!!! But he said that what ever I did would be fine...he was just glad to be coming home!!
So last night I took a little trip to Monroe...Why you may ask? Well my daughter who never really ask me to take her anywhere to see anyone, well has met this little fella and so that is my reason for going to Monroe! We watched him play baseball and he is really good! She had a blast!! I am not sure if I am ready for all this but I guess I better get ready, HUH???
I hope everyone has a great day and please pray that Justin (my Marine) has a safe trip home today!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Where's Cindy??

Murphy Candler Elementary Seventh grade graduation!!
I can tell you one thing...I thought I looked GOOD!!
It is so funny to look back on old photos and see how we all looked!
Have fun picking me out and I hope that you all have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Lord What Have I Done??

Ok well after cleaning out all my cabinets and re-arranging my pantry...I had bought it so I was bound and determined to do it! Yep, thats right the 30 day shred!!! Well all I can say is that this woman is nothing but BRUTAL!!! She had my fat butt doing things that I have not done in like forever!

Jumping Jacks...Lord have mercy they about got me...And on top of that she says "Don't say you can't do these I have 400 pound people doing them and so can you!" I really wanted to slap her.

OH and then she expected me to do push-ups...NOT!!! I have never been able to do them. I sure did give it a try though. They were not perfect but they were working my muscles that have not been worked in forever!

And I know they don't look like much and yes they are only 2 pound hand weights but those little things will get you after so long of working out!! I sure hope that all of this is worth it...I am really sore this morning and no I don't get to just sit here and not worry about it I have to go to work! So I guess I will be working the soreness out for my workout tonight!!! I hope that you all have a great day!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

30 day shred...what can it do for me!!

Well I did it I bought the Jillian 30 day shred!!! I got the hand weights and even got a set of the ankle weights!! I am going to start it today and just gonna see what it does for ME!
This is a picture of me at the family reunion last year !!
So I really don't think that in 30 days I will look like this but I am sure that it will help!!

So any ways lets remember this day 4/20/2009 and on 5/20/2009 I will post you another picture and we will just see the change!!! I hope that you all have a great day!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Karaoke Night!!!!

Well we had an unusual Saturday Night...We went to a Mexican Restaurant and had dinner with Rhonda and Kerry. Well that is nothing new but we did Karaoke night...OMG!!! I have never laughed so hard in all my life.

Britani and Kerry singing "It's your Love"

DoubleGranny singing "Coal Miners Daughter"

Skylar and Bailey Singing "Stay"


DOUBLERANNY singing..."D I V O R C E"

They had a contest and She won 1st place!!!!!

We had so much fun and so guess what...Justin will be home next weekend and yep that's right we are going back!!!!! He will love it, he loves to sing! I hope that you all have a terrific day!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stop and smell the Flowers

As most everyone knows I keep Alex and Avery daily and We have lots of little talks back and forth to school! We have been talking about always being busy and getting things done and so I thought that I would teach them to ALWAYS take time out and stop and smell the flowers!!

Alex here in this picture has stopped to smell the beautiful flowers in her own front yard!!
And now here is Avery and she decided that not only did she want to stop and smell the flowers she wants to pick them and take them home to give to her mommy!!!

Avery and Alex stop from the flower sniffing and pose for a quick picture for me!! They are just so sweet and can come up with some of the funniest things to talk about!! I wish sometimes I had a recorder in the car so that I could catch everything!! I love these Babies!!!

So now you know I have to mention the diet and it is going really well and I am feeling really good!!! I do alot of walking around in Tracy's house and so I found these leg weights in Tracy's bathroom floor from her leg exercises so I decided to put them on!!! Go ahead laugh...I could not pick my feet up off the floor!! I text Tracy and she that is good work it girl and my response to her was...Work it...I can't lift it!!! Then to my surprise they were only 5 pounds each and I was determined that I was going to wear them for a while!! I DID IT!!! I wore them while I put away laundry and vacuumed the floor!! So I got me a good leg workout yesterday!! I think I may go and get the 30 day shred today!!!

I hope everyone has a wonder day and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I did it.....

Well...I did it! I went and joined Weight Watchers!!! And it was really not so bad...I was thinking that they were going to get all over me because at one time I had lost so much weight and then now I have gained it all back!!!
But when it got bad was when the lady behind the desk said to me "step on the scales please!!" Oh my stomach started hurting and I thought I don't want to do this. But I know that this is where reality sets in and I come to the conclusion that I am over weight...well really in am only 5'1 so I call it under tall so that makes me look over weight!! So all really went well and I am so excited about the meetings and I just love the instructor.
I hope that everyone has a wonderful day! And this is what Tracy keeps telling me "Nothing taste as good as thin feels!!!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Here I go again...

So I was not gonna mention it but I think with the support and prayers from each of you I may do even better!!! I am going this week and join weight watchers!! I know that it works and I just have to be held accountable to someone for me to stick to it!!! They are so good and the meetings really help me! I have already purchased my swimsuit for the summer and I need to loose a good 2o pounds for it to look better! I know how to do the diet but when I know I don't have to step on scales in front of someone then I just can eat something and think in the back of my one will ever know!!!

I went to the grocery store yesterday with my little points calculator and got me several low point items!! I figured out several meals for this week and so here we go again...but I can not do it alone!!!! I told Tracy yesterday that I was just gonna keep it between me and her but the more I thought about it the more I thought that the support from all of you will also help me!! I am gonna go to a Thursday meeting so I will let you know that goes each week!! I know that the last time I did this it really worked...But it has to be a lifestyle change!!!! So sometime during your day just say a little prayer for me that God give me the strength that I need to do this!!

I hope each of you have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gone Fishing!!

Bradley and Robert During Spring Break last week Bradley and Robert went fishing! Now I am not much on fishing but if I was gonna catch one like this it may be different! So we are planning a fishing trip to Shady Dale next weekend! I just cannot imagine catching a fish this big! The boys just had a blast and can not wait to get all of us down there to see what all we can catch! I just hope that I don't have to bait my own hook or take a fish off the hook...Gross!!!!
Well today is Tuesday and Alex has school and so Avery and I are gonna be doing some work in her room and closet!!! Kids grow so fast and clothes get missed!!!! I think that I even may tackle my closet tonight!!! I will let you know how that goes...YUCK!!!!
I hope that you all have a great day!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter has hopped AWAY!!!!!

Easter Sunday 2009
The Simmons Family
missing Justin!! :(
It was a wonderful easter and everyone was just great!!!! We sure did miss Justin but was at least able to talk to him!!! He got to call while we were at our family gathering and everyone got to holler hello to him!!!

Britani and Bradley ( My twins!!)

Jeff, Alex and Avery!!! He loves those babies!!!

Well at last Easter is over and I think that it lasted about a month for me!!! Atleast it sure felt like it! I sure hope everyone has a great day today! I just thought I would share pictures with you all today!! I have alot more but did not want to bore you!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yard Sale...Everything MUST go!!!

Ok well today is the Yard Sale...I guess we will see how that goes!!! Yesterday ended up being a beautiful day and we could have done it but we thought it was going to rain us out so now we are going to do it today!!! I hope that everything goes cause I do not want to have to put it back!!! But the good thing is that Alex and Avery's school is having a yard sale soon and I can donate myu left overs to them for them to raise money to fix up there new school!!
I was off yesterday and ended up not doing a whole lot of anything! I did get out for a little bit and got Jeff a suit for Easter!!! OH yeah I did make a coconut cake for a friend of mine! She had called the other day and oredered it!

Today the Guys are all going to the G-Day Game in Athens!! They are all so excited!! Jeff never does stuff like that but Kerry Has him all into it!!! Cannot wait to hear how that goes! They all are gonna wear there Geogia outfits and I am sure they will all be SOOO handsome!!!!

Well I sure hope that everyone has a Super Wonderful Saturday!!! And Once everyone gets home today we will be coloring our easter eggs!!! The twins are almost 16 but are still SO excited to know that we are gonna color eggs tonight!!