Sunday, April 5, 2009

Avey's 3rd Birthday Party!!

Align LeftMy super Saturday was so much fun!! Avery's 3rd Birthday and it was a perfect day for the Party!!! The sun was out and shining bright!!! She wanted a Strawberry Cupcake Party and that is what she got!! We were at the store the other day and she said "Cindy, I wish I could have balloons at my party!" And balloons is what she got!!

This is the cake that she picked out and it was DEELICIOUS!!! She was so excited!!!

Uncle Jeff went and got the BIG slide that her mommy and daddy had rented and they played forever!!! Avery had the best time!!! The look on her face in this picture is just priceless!!! So happy and not a care in the world!!

And Uncle Jeff had got the slide for her birthday back in September and she was so excited to know that he was gettin it for Avery!!! They think that no-one else can get the slide BUT him!! She loves it!!!!

And would you just look at the food!!! When the Parrish Family throws a Party buddy they throw a Party!!! Everyone had a blast and the food was GREAT!!!!

It was a REAL SUPER SATURDAY!!!! Such a SPECIAL DAY!!! It was a day that we will never forget...Family, Friends, food, fun and the sun was shining!!! What more could we ask for?!!! Well I hope that everyone has a Spirtual Sunday !!!!

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  1. Love the new background! I am changing mine after Easter! Love you and enjoyed the day yesterday. Sis