Friday, April 24, 2009

Justin, Bradley and Britani...Together Again!!!!

Well here they are back together!!! Justin is gone most of the time so our family just is not complete! But last night our family was back together! They may fuss and fight, but when it comes down to it they are just three happy children! There is no way to fake those smiles!!! They really do love each other!! I never really had anyone at home to fuss and fight with...well Tracy but she usually got me in trouble cause I would get the spanking cause she would always talk her way out of it...she was the grandchild and I was the child! And as of today she is one of my best friends so it all really worked out! I love you Tracy!!! I always wanted all three of my children to realize the love they have for each other! And with Justin being gone so much well I think they may be finally getting it!! Justin and Bradley really enjoy seeing each other cause Justin does all his Marine moves on Bradley and he loves it! And Bradley tries to do all his wrestling moves on Justin...Never a dull moment!! And I love it!!!And well Britani just stays away from all of this...unless they just really get her going and then she can give these two boys a run for their money!! Alex and Avery are getting to spend the day with Justin today and I am not sure who is more excited!! My almost 20 year old or Avery who just turned 3 or Alex who is almost 5(wow! that's hard to believe!!)!!! I will have lots of pictures and plenty of stories to share with you about there visit!!!

Yesterday...the temperature really got on up there and it was well no other word but WONDERFUL!!!! This is the toadameter that I bought for my Daddy years ago and Ganky fixed it up and now it resides in my flowerbed!!! I love the warm weather and it is suppose to another beautiful day today...after bad storms last night! I hope that you all have a great day! I know that I will...spending the whole day with JUSTIN!!!


  1. Wow, this post is the best ever! What a way to start my morning! Great picture of those three:)together. I love you all! Ganky

  2. You're a natural blogger! I love your posts. I agree with my Auntie that you need to try your thumb with some flowers. I'm sure you'd be good with that too. Really, think about it. What have you tried that you haven't been good at?

  3. I love the picture!!!But not as much as I love them.