Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stop and smell the Flowers

As most everyone knows I keep Alex and Avery daily and We have lots of little talks back and forth to school! We have been talking about always being busy and getting things done and so I thought that I would teach them to ALWAYS take time out and stop and smell the flowers!!

Alex here in this picture has stopped to smell the beautiful flowers in her own front yard!!
And now here is Avery and she decided that not only did she want to stop and smell the flowers she wants to pick them and take them home to give to her mommy!!!

Avery and Alex stop from the flower sniffing and pose for a quick picture for me!! They are just so sweet and can come up with some of the funniest things to talk about!! I wish sometimes I had a recorder in the car so that I could catch everything!! I love these Babies!!!

So now you know I have to mention the diet and it is going really well and I am feeling really good!!! I do alot of walking around in Tracy's house and so I found these leg weights in Tracy's bathroom floor from her leg exercises so I decided to put them on!!! Go ahead laugh...I could not pick my feet up off the floor!! I text Tracy and she that is good work it girl and my response to her was...Work it...I can't lift it!!! Then to my surprise they were only 5 pounds each and I was determined that I was going to wear them for a while!! I DID IT!!! I wore them while I put away laundry and vacuumed the floor!! So I got me a good leg workout yesterday!! I think I may go and get the 30 day shred today!!!

I hope everyone has a wonder day and enjoy the beautiful weather!!!


  1. I repeat.... You have the best job ever! I appreciate you taking the best care of my grandbabies! I am proud of you for wearing those weights. Let me just tell you, that 30 day shred is a killer. My legs are still sore. I told Tracy that I think my muscles are damaged:) she said that just meant those are the muscles that I needed to work, YA THINK? Target-$14.99 Muscle replacement-priceless:0) Love you! Sis

  2. Oh Yeah... love the new background! But I loved the other one too:) can't wait to see Justin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Yes, your new background is gorgeous! I bought the video. I'm gonna try it today. Maybe.