Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oh Lord What Have I Done??

Ok well after cleaning out all my cabinets and re-arranging my pantry...I had bought it so I was bound and determined to do it! Yep, thats right the 30 day shred!!! Well all I can say is that this woman is nothing but BRUTAL!!! She had my fat butt doing things that I have not done in like forever!

Jumping Jacks...Lord have mercy they about got me...And on top of that she says "Don't say you can't do these I have 400 pound people doing them and so can you!" I really wanted to slap her.

OH and then she expected me to do push-ups...NOT!!! I have never been able to do them. I sure did give it a try though. They were not perfect but they were working my muscles that have not been worked in forever!

And I know they don't look like much and yes they are only 2 pound hand weights but those little things will get you after so long of working out!! I sure hope that all of this is worth it...I am really sore this morning and no I don't get to just sit here and not worry about it I have to go to work! So I guess I will be working the soreness out for my workout tonight!!! I hope that you all have a great day!!!


  1. I am proud of you and feel your pain:) I am doing it when I get home from taking Autumn to school. Will be laid out for a while afterwards! Being beautiful is painful!!!

    Love you!

  2. How funny! Hopefully it will get easier. Although in my opinion, it never really gets easy. I agree with Theresa; being beautiful is painful. Maybe one day chubby will be considered desirable????

  3. Good for you! It might not ever get easy, but easier maybe. Keep it up and remember you're doing it to be healthy as much as to be beautiful!