Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting stuff done for a day off!!!

The day was a little out of the ordinary because I was going to be off for Good Friday...trying to have a yard sale! And I wanted to get stuff done for Tracy like I would as if it was Friday!! I got all the sheets changed and the beds made back up! I did Laundry and left the washer and dryer both empty so she does not have to worry about that during the weekend! She has the nice front loader washer and dryer and I love them!! And then I got all the floors vacuumed!!! I try to get that done twice a week!!! SHe has the Central Vacuum system and well I tell you if I built a new home I would have to have that in it!! It is WONDERFUL!!!

So then after work I went home for a little R&R and then I needed to go and get my children so we went to watch skylar do a practice softball game! They did really good and I enjoyed being with Rhonda and Kerry for a few hours!!
Then we came home and worked on my yard sale stuff and made all the signs !!! Got up this morning and the weather is not going to allow us to have it today...Maybe tomorrow!!!! I hope that every one stays safe today the weather is not looking so good! Stay dry and Happy Good Friday!!!


  1. The??? Weather knew we were trying to make money. I reposted and called the folks who had called me. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day for sale. Love You

  2. It isn't raining yet, thankfully! Hope you have a good day off even though you can't have the yard sale!!! Love you, SIS