Monday, April 6, 2009

Super Sunday...

Super Sunday was such a great day! We got up and off to church we went! We got a wonderful blessing at church! Got to see some family and special Friends! Autumn had spent the night and got to go to church with us...she is so much fun!! Her and Britani just have a blast together!!!!

After Church I had cooked Lunch so we came home! Rhonda and Kerry the two on the right of the picture... came home with us! Our children and their children are all best friends and we have all gotten SUPER close!!! They are just a blast to be around and they will never know what they mean to us!! It was all so wonderful!

No church last night...we played hookie!!! We sure enjoyed the evening at home and just got some much needed rest! School is out this week and the kids are so excited!!! I am off today and having lunch with very special friends!!! Have a great day!!!!

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  1. I love Rhonda and Kerry too! Great pictures. Hope Jeffro feels better today! Pollen is bad and wind will just stir it up. I was wrong about the temp drop but it is gonna get colder. Love you and see you at noon. Sis