Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Treats!

Sundays are just a busy day for us! We go to sunday school, church, lunch and then back to church for the evening service. But with Justin home things go a little crazy! So after lunch we went to one of Autumn's ballgames!! We knew that we could not stay for the whole thing but we wanted to see her and give her a chance to see Justin! Boy, can she hit that ball!! Then we went to church for the evening service. And for as long as I can remember when Justin was growing up we would meet a few others at the DQ for a sweet treat!!

Justin with Alexis! She loves him and she told him last night..."I pray for you every night!!"

She is such a sweet girl and always has a special smile to share with everyone!

All three of my children together once again!! Justin, Bradley and Britani!! I just love having my family complete!

Justin and Josh!! Life long best friends!!

And now Justin is gone back to North Carolina and everyone got up to tell him bye! But not to worry he will be back in two weeks...MOTHERS DAY!!! I am so happy!!! I will miss him in the two weeks that he is gone but that is just the mama in me!! I hope that everyone has a great day and remember to say a little prayer for his safe return back to North Carolina!


  1. Love that Marine and really enjoyed his visit as I always do! Will be praying for his safe return there and back home for Mother's Day:) Love you!

  2. I'm sure he is rocking and rolling to his tunes on the ride back to NC. I'm glad he's coming back to see ya on Mother's Day.