Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yard Sale...Everything MUST go!!!

Ok well today is the Yard Sale...I guess we will see how that goes!!! Yesterday ended up being a beautiful day and we could have done it but we thought it was going to rain us out so now we are going to do it today!!! I hope that everything goes cause I do not want to have to put it back!!! But the good thing is that Alex and Avery's school is having a yard sale soon and I can donate myu left overs to them for them to raise money to fix up there new school!!
I was off yesterday and ended up not doing a whole lot of anything! I did get out for a little bit and got Jeff a suit for Easter!!! OH yeah I did make a coconut cake for a friend of mine! She had called the other day and oredered it!

Today the Guys are all going to the G-Day Game in Athens!! They are all so excited!! Jeff never does stuff like that but Kerry Has him all into it!!! Cannot wait to hear how that goes! They all are gonna wear there Geogia outfits and I am sure they will all be SOOO handsome!!!!

Well I sure hope that everyone has a Super Wonderful Saturday!!! And Once everyone gets home today we will be coloring our easter eggs!!! The twins are almost 16 but are still SO excited to know that we are gonna color eggs tonight!!


  1. I wish you much success with the yard sale! Our tournaments were cancelled:( Pooh! My Autumn wants to play ball. Love you all!

  2. We went to the G-day game today, too! How funny.
    Well, I'm glad you took a day off; you work too hard girlie!!!
    Love ya lots :0)