Thursday, April 30, 2009

It finally got me!

Well I have been able to fight off the pollen sore throat this whole time!!! But got up this morning and guess what? It has finally got me!
I had a little bit last night but this morning...can't swallow!!! Rinsing with warm salt water trying to get some relief!!!

I am going to the drug store as soon as I take my twins to school and get this!!! I have taken Tylenol sinus and all but my nose is fine...MY THROAT HURTS!!!! I am just not one that gets sick so when I do I whine forever about it!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and if this medicine does not work I will go to the doctor...TODAY!


  1. Sorry you ain't feeling well! I use Zicam sinus and just recently bought some Zyrtec as a just in case I need it. It is over the counter now. Hope you feel better! Love you, Sis

  2. sorry you're sick.... i'm praying it works for you!