Saturday, April 4, 2009

3 P's in a POD!!!

Well here we are...the three of us My sister Theresa on the left, My Niece Tracy in the middle and the me on the right!!! We are family but such great friends!!! We sometimes go to say something and the other is saying the same thing at the same exact time!!! These two are so special to me!!! When my mama past away...Theresa took me in as if I was her daughter. Tracy and I grew up together. My mama kept her while Theresa would work, so just about everyday of our child hood life we were together! Tracy is like a sister to me!! Just a small memory of me and Tracy as children: We had an above ground pool in the back yard growing up and we would baptize each other and do the lipton ice tea commercial! But my favorite was playing like we were doing the Ms. America contest outside on the concrete wall! We did the swimsuit contest...SO FUNNY!!!! Such good times!!! I cannot remember who won but from the looks of us now it had to be Tracy!!!!

I have such a busy day today...Avery's big birthday Party!!! Jeff is going get the BIG SLIDE and I am going get balloons and pick up cake!!! She is so excited!!!! I hope everyone has a SUPER SATURDAY!!! Gotta go get busy!!!

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  1. That was so sweet! I love that picture and we are all so blessed to have each other! I love you and don't know what I would do without you:) Thanks for all you do to help Tracy and those babies! You are an angel!!!

    Love you, Sis