Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh me, Oh my....

Yes...I am 40 years old!
Yes...I do like to go to bed at 10 o'clock!
Yes...I have ever seen a twilight saga movie!
And Yes...I stayed up and took Britani, Autumn, and Austin last night!!

And Yes I am already up this morning!! But the kids are still sleeping!! matter what time I go to bed I still get up my normal time!! May have to have a nap today but for now I am up!!!
Yesterday, I brought Alex and Avery home with me and Austin wanted to come too so I had the 3 of them and They played in the pool and the we took them to Chick-fil-a for dinner and then to see the cow and then home. We made home-made Ice cream and buddy was it good!!
I got to chat with my Marine a little on the computer and he told me I was tha best mama EVER!! Oh it just warmed my heart!!! I love him so much and I am so happy to be chatting with him on the computer and we discussed who was happier about him coming home and well considering everything he has been through...HE IS!!
I hope that you all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I seen that face!

Yep, this is me this morning!! I got to chat with my Marine on Facebook and then what he called on a real phone and I got to hear his voice and he was so happy that he had got a cup of coffee and a coke!! He had eaten an omelet and a bacon egg and cheese biscuit!! He was happy but said that all of it just didn't seem real! He said it seemed like it was just a dream!! I said son it is not a are coming home!! OH...How I thought this day would never come!!! I am so happy!!!

Well I am off here to go to work and I will hopefully hear more from my Marine later!!
You all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thankful Day!!

Oh...I do have so much to be thankful for and I am so very thankful for my Marine!
I love him so very much and he knows it!!

I am waiting patiently to hear from him!! I am waiting to see his little face pop up on facebook!! But still nothing!!

I have so many thoughts running through my head!!

What is he gonna be like?

Is he still gonna love me?

Is he gonna still wanna let me be around and do things with him?

What is he gonna want to do?

When is he gonna call me?

Oh...well I know he is in a safe spot now and I am sure that when he gets a chance he will call me!!

Church was good yesterday...I just had to go and thank him for keeping my son safe and to not forget about all the others over there!! Every one at church is so glad and they sang "I've got so much to be Thankful for" OH...boy do I!!!

Well you all have a wonderful day and if you see that sweet face pop up...tell him his mama loves him!!!

Enjoy your day...Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today is a good day!

Ok...This is Tiffany! Bradley met her last year at PCB and they have been talking since!! They live in Kentucky and her mama drove all the way here so they could visit with each other!! And she is one sweet little girl!! We have enjoyed them being here and will have to take us a trip to Kentucky next...YOUNG LOVE!!!

And well It has been all over the news that my son is leaving Marjah and well as of 8:30 this morning my son will be off the battlefield and well ladies that puts my heart as ease!! It will not be much longer until I get to see this smiling face!!!

and have all 3 of these children together again!!! And so today I have so much to be thankful for and soon will be heading out to my sons homecoming and heart starts doing flips thinking about it!!

But don't stop those many other troops are out there and need our prayers!! It is a dangerous place over there and I have promised that just because Justin may be coming home...I will Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

But for today it is a GOOD day and I am just on cloud 9!!!! Can't wait for him to call and say he is at camp, or see his face pop up on facebook/ourspace!!!

I hope that each of you have a wonderful day!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh what a precious sound!!!

Oh yes that is right....I GOT A PHONE CALL!!! And it was a precious sound!! A call I will NEVER forget!! "Mama...I am coming home!!" was the best thing I have ever heard!! I felt like I had won the lottery and I will be getting my prize SOON!!! He is good and ready to come home!!

We talked for about 30 minutes and he told me everything he wanted when he comes home and everything he wanted to do and well I could do was cry...and he just couldn't understand why I was so excited!! Well Ladies...needless to say every time I talk about it...I AM ONE HOT MESS!! I just can't help it...It will be almost 7 months since I have seen him and he has been on the front line of this war!!! He has been shot at so many times and the good Lord has protected him and well he is just about finished with his patrol over there and then will be heading home SOON!!!!

Other than getting things ready for my Marine to come home I have a special guest coming in today!! Bradley is a ladies man and well he met this little girl last year in PCB and they have continually stayed in contact and her mama is bringing her from Kentucky to Georgia to visit today!! So...I WILL be busy!!! Enjoy your day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just eat me up!!!!

OMGoodness!!! I totally hate these little bugs!!!
But they LOVE me!! I can not be out side for more than a second or they just eat me up!!! I have tried every thing known to man to stop them from liking me so much but...NOTHING works!!

I went over and seen the cow and just got eaten up!!! I try not to scratch but I just can't help it!!

Oh and nothing from Justin in 15 days!!! Hopefully I will hear from him soon!! I have got alot done and things getting ready to go see him in a couple of weeks!! I can't put dates on here but just know that in a couple of weeks plus a couple or three days I will be seeing my Marine!!! Oh I am so excited!! I am so anxious!! I can't wait to get my hands on him and just have him close to me for a bit!!! I can't believe it is almost over for us!! Not sure where I would be if I had not be able to blog with you all and get support from each of you!! Still not out of harms way so...

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!

Andy is doing great and is gonna be going back out and won't be home until September!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

He is like one of my own!!!

Here is a picture of a group of Marines that I have spent countless hours with!! They were all in the School of Infantry together and then some went into different Battalions. the two on the left is Nick and Justin!! They have been together since boot camp and the two on the right is Brian and Andy!! Andy is the on on the end and he and Justin went to high school together!! They have always been close...just now in different Battalions but are in Afghanistan together just in different parts!!! I got a text message yesterday that said:
"Hey guy, sadly, our Marine Andy and his unit was caught in an IED explosion today. He's now suffering from a grade 2 concussion. Please Pray for him!!"
He is like one of my own!! Thats the way us Marine Moms do...take them all in!!!
Please Pray for him and his family!!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Only once a year...Thank God!!

Well Father's Day 2010 is over and I am kinda glad!! I did not do gifts, I cooked!! I got in the kitchen and fixed an 8 layer chocolate cake n Saturday and then yesterday after church I came home and I cooked squash, beans, creamed potatoes, mac and cheese, biscuit, corn bread and fried chicken!!! I was just down right tired!!!
My husband was the happiest with that, probably more than he would have been with a gift! We invited his dad and he came and enjoyed it too!!
Here is a picture of the twins with their Grand-daddy!!

And no matter how hard Jeff's Dad may try he could never deny Jeff! Here they are...I made Jeff get in the picture!! Jeff"s mom is in a rehab because she had a knee replacement and so she was not able to come!!

We enjoyed the day...but I was exhausted!! Well since I am out of school and I do have a trip to make to go see a certain Marine I am going back to 4 days a week at Tracys!! I gotta make some money...that Marine can eat!!! I think that the babies will be glad that I am there and I will enjoy being with them more!! I will still be off on Fridays! My kids are both working so I don't have alot going on during the week so I am gonna work and make my trip to North Carolina a little better!! Plus..Jeff is off all next week and NO pay so I NEED to work!! He is available for odd jobs if anyone needs him!! hehe!! :)

So off here and going get ready for work...You all have a great day!!

Billy Platt will be home today if all goes as planned!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Pop!!!!

Happy Father's Day 2010

Happy Father's Day, Pop!!!
I miss you like no-one would ever believe!!
He was my whole world and I still love him with all my heart!
I have so many times wanted to sit and chat with him and have him tell me everything was gonna be ok! I know that he is watching over us and especially got those milk jugs tied on Justin making sure nothing happens to that boy!! He was the best Daddy EVER!!! Even though he may be gone from here on this earth...I still have him so alive with me in spirit!! I went and cut the grass at the house and well my heart filled with joy, cause I know that is what he would want me to do!!

Such a special man....I miss and love you Hudie Webb Howell!!!

And also and Happy Father's Day to my Husband...the father of my 3 children! He is so good to them and loves them very much!!

Well today I will be out of here and off to church!! I will then come home and the twins are gonna take Jeff to the movies and I am gonna cook a big country meal for Jeff and maybe his dad!! So it will be a busy day!! Everyone enjoy and just make sure if you still have your Daddy with you...tell them you love them and hug them often!! They aren't always around!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Congrats my Dear Friend!!!

OK....This is CPL. Platt and he is on is way home!!! I am so excited for him and his mama!! Billy was in boot camp with Justin and that is where I met his dear mama!! He has been stationed in Japan for the past 18 or more months and his mama has not even got to see him...only through pictures!! BUT...SHE WILL GET TO SEE HIM TONIGHT...Oh, I just get chills thinking about it!

My Dear Friend....I am so happy for you!! I wish that I was there with you!! You take lots of pictures, get lots of hugs and kisses and just enjoy that Marine of yours!!!

You give him a great big Georgia hug and tell him that I said "Thank you for his service!"

Congratulations to you....I know you are just so beside yourself...I am so Happy for you!!

Everyone enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I just gotta hold on...

A few more weeks!! In less than a month I will be seeing a sign like this up at Camp Lejeune!! I got a e-mail and a phone call for our 1/6 FRO and she gave us the window of time that they will be coming back on!! And all I could do was cry!! I am still crying and will cry from now on...
until I see this sweet face with my very own eyes!! I am just so beside myself!! I have so many many emotions and well I am just ANXIOUS, EXCITED and well just about a basket case!!

OMG, I really can not believe that it is true....He is really gonna be coming home!! I thought these days would never get here!!! I have so much to do and I got so many things to get ready and take to him and I have got so many things to bake and cook and take for him....Oh lord..I don't have much time!!! I gotta be busy!!

Enjoy your day...I am going have dinner with a Friend that I use to work for and I just can't wait! I have not seen her in like 10 years!! She taught my twins in PRE-K!! So well have lots of catching up to do!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Just Never Know

We have lived in our neighborhood for 3 years and it has been pretty quite!! I have heard of a few things but really never anything to scare me! We have had revival at church this week and so last night we had went to church! On the way home a friend of mine that lives in the neighborhood call and asked what was going on down on my end of the street! We were almost here and all she knew was...they had loaded up a man and took him off in the ambulance and there were tons of cop cars!! And CRIME SCENE TAPE!!! OMG....what in the world!!

Ok, so we get home and sure enough there were probably 20 cop cars, CSI van, and then they brought out the search dogs!! Our neighbor across the street 2 doors up was shot!!! Heard something outside and went out to check it out and shots were fired!! It hit one of his main arteries in his shoulders and they were life flighting him t Atlanta Medical!! I sure hope and pray he is ok!! They still never caught the shooter but had a suspect!! So needless to say I was late getting to bed and didn't sleep good!!! Lord what a day I am gonna have...when I miss my sleep I am messed up all day!!!

My kids are going to Six Flags and gonna have a fun day!! I myself have to work and then will come home for a tiny nap!! Keeping my doors locked and not going out no matter what I hear!!

So you all have a great day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooling off!

Well not gonna complain about the temps but just gonna say, it has been warm around here! We had got one of these pools around the twins birthday and well lets just say they LOVE IT!!

It is not no huge pool but you can at least get in and cool off!! I have gotten in a couple of times and will be getting in more often!! And I think that Justin will even enjoy it when he gets home!!

So that is about it for me! I am waiting on a window of time that Justin will come home!! I am getting more and more anxious!!

Enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am done!!!

Well after all these weeks...I AM DONE!! Well at least for now!! I am done with Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology!!! I will either go back and take more class for a higher up nurse or go ahead and get my CNA!!!

But for now...I will just wait on my son to return home!!! I am planning him a huge welcome home party the end of July!! I am so excited!!!

You all have a great day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

There shall be showers of blessings!

Ok...well we will start this blog out with saying...."I am glad I was able to brighten each of your day yesterday with my crazy story!! " hehe!!!

But for today....We go to a small country church, a church that I have gone to my entire life!! And the people there I have known for 40 years!! :) We had Homecoming yesterday and it was just GREAT!! But is was rather warm!! Not complaining cause where Justin is its 120 not 98!! So on with a few pictures!!
This is our pianist Joan!! She can play a piano like no one ever!

This is Ronnie who just married my dear friend Janice and one of our oldest members Ms. Leola!!

Very Dear Friends...(my other parents)
Peggy and Sonny!!

Danny and Josh(Justins BFF) playing the Guitars!!
Another Dear and long time member...Ms Francis on the organ!!

My sister Brenda!

My Baby Girl...Britani!!

This couple has been at the church forever!!

Horace and Christine!!

Carolyn (R) and Jerri (L) singing one of Justins favorite songs!!
"If it satisfies you Lord, then it satisfies me!!"

It was a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed themselves!! And oh my at the food we had!! Lord, the Baptist love to eat!!
I hope that each of you had a great day yesterday and another one today!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I got my hair done...

As you look at this picture and try to figure out what my car has to do with my hair....WELL, just hold on! I have a story to tell you!!

You know as life goes on and we all do things that well, maybe we just need to keep it to ourselves. But, no me...I am gonna tell you!!
I went on Friday and got my hair done...I have lots of gray in my hair and I got it covered up! I got it with a lot of blonde in it!! And I love it!!! So we have had a good weekend so far and just been running around laughing and just talking about Justin coming home and all the events we will have once he is home! So we are having homecoming at church today and we have to do lots of cooking!! SO off to the grocery store we go!! We all shop and get everything that we have to have and get checked out and OH MY....Where are my keys!! Well not to worry I have on star!!!
So Jeff and Britani went out to see if they were in the car and low and behold they were!!!
But not only did I leave them in the car....I LEFT MY CAR RUNNING!!! Thankfully no-one stole it!! But we had to laugh!! I knew this deployment was getting to me and well between my blonde hair and the deployment....I HAVE OFFICIALLY GONE CRAZY!!

Well I hope that you all enjoyed that story and maybe I was able to bring a smile to your face with my crazy doings!!

Enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go Team Go!!!


Alex and Avery had been going to cheer camp all week and they put a show on for Parents, Grandparents, and Aunts!!!
Here is Avery...Gosh they were so precious!!

And here is Alex!!
Yayy!!! Team!!!

Here are the proud Grand-Parents!!! They are the Grand-Parents every grandchild could dream of having!! They are always in support of there grandchildren no matter where it is or when it is!! I love them so much!!

Well, that was about it for me...I did finally go and get my roots covered!! THANK GOD!!
Have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

She is so sweet!!

This sweet lady is Jeff (my husband) sweet sweet Grand-ma....we all call her Mem-Maw!!!
I have been married for 21 years and Mem-Maw has always love me and I love her!!
We don't get up to see her as we should but when we do...She is just precious to talk to!!
She has a Birthday yesterday so we went up for a visit and took her a little gift!! All she cares about is the visit!! She lives alone and doesn't drive and due to an eye disease she can't see! But she gets around so good...she is 92!!!
Here is her and Jeff!!

This is her little house!! She is just amazing to be 92 and get around and do the things he does!!

And aren't these beautiful!! They are in her yard by the carport!! I just couldn't go visit and not take a picture of them!!

And now I will share a little history with you! I took a picture of some pictures she has sitting around!!
The middle shelf far right picture is Jeff's Senior Picture!! Then the one in the middle is his sister Kay and then the one on the left is Jeff, Kay and Jeff's parents!!

Just fun to look at how with age we ALL change!! And how the styles change too!

Anyone wanna take a guess on who these two are?

Britani and Bradley!!

It is their hospital picture and OMG they were so precious!! All grown up now and still precious!!!

It was a neat visit and I am really glad that we went!! I would love to find more time to go and visit with her!! I felt so bad when she said "Enjoy your busy life...I am here all alone and sometimes I think everyone has forgotten about me!!" So sad!! She has children but they don't visit as they should and I am really gonna try to do better!! Broke my heart!
Ok....well that is about it for me!!
Keep Praying....IT WORKS!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Medial Terminology

School is almost over for me!!
I took my medical terminology final last night and I PASSED!!
I am finished with that part and now to study for Anatomy!! UGH!! Now that one is hard!!

But I did get out yesterday and get a few things for the home coming party...SO READY!!

Have a great day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gonna start the planning!

ok...I have the dates of his post deployment leave and I am just beside myself!!
I would love to know when he will be back at Camp Lejuene but I don't!!
But I sure can't wait to see him!!

And it is time for me to start planning his welcome home party!!

We have a large family and lots of friends and I if they want to come I want them here!!
He has missed everyone so much!!

So a Party I am gonna start planning!!
I just can't wait!! I can not believe that this time has actually gotten here that we can even plan a party!!

So I will start planning the food and making lists and OH I AM SO EXCITED!!! I just can't help it I get to crying!!

You all have a great day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Big Test

I am at the end of my classes! So we all know what that means!

Anatomy and Physiology is next week!

Medical Terminology is Wednesday!!

And the teacher says that we already should know everything and not have to really study! HA! I am studying!! I get so nervous when it come to test!!

Well that is all I am up too! Busy doing all my studying for these test!! Have a great day!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Celebrating a Birthday...Again?

This is my sweet sister in law June!! Yes, I know we already went to lunch for her birthday, but her children cooked dinner and we all went and ate and celebrated it AGAIN!!! Oh it was wonderful!! This family gets together every Sunday evening and has dinner together! I think that is just the greatest thing EVER!! I want to do something like that when my children are all grown up!!
Sunday was just a wonderful day all the way around!!
Church was good and the fellowship with everyone was good...what more could I ask for?
Oh, I could think of at least one thing...A phone call, would have made the day just perfect!! :)
Not to much longer and he will be home so if I don't hear from him in a bit I will be just fine!!

You all have a great day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Party Again?

Well we have finally finished the celebration for Bradley and Britani's 17th Birthday!!! We had a cook out last night and just had so much fun!! We had about 20 or more from our church to come and several of their friends from school!! We ha fun and really enjoyed the fellowship!

So now we move on to other summer fun now! Tonight we will celebrate my sister-in-laws birthday again and well who knows from there!! I know that at some point this Summer I will be celebrating the return of my Marine and I just get chills thinking about it!!

So, enjoy your day!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Have not been in a long time!!

Yesterday was my sweet Sister-in-law June's Birthday and we all met and had lunch at a place that I have not been to in many many many years!!! It was wonderful! I got the soup, salad, and bread sticks!!! Wow, it was good!! I will be going back!!

Other than was pretty boring for me! But today not so boring...I am having a Birthday Party cookout for the twins tonight! I have bought everything, so now just get things done around the house!! So I will go and get busy!!

You all have a great day!!

Oh and I woke up to a phone call this morning...NO NOT MY MARINE but I did get a call from a Marine and well I will take what I can get! Well he wasn't really calling me...he was calling Britani!! They always are teasing that they are gonna get married when she is of age and well I love him and his family! Kinda like an arranged marriage!! Just kidding!! He was good and ready to come home like Justin!! It was just good to hear from him!!

Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Down at the Barn...

As I was growing up my Daddy had goats and hogs and always planted a garden! Some of the others growing up at home had to help with those things but NOT me!! I didn't have to do anything with the animals or the garden unless I wanted to! I can remember me and Tracy climbing over the fence and playing in the pasture with the goats sometimes!! :)
But I am not the one that knows how to work with animals...But, Bradley had me at the barn where his cow is yesterday!!
And oh my!!!! Flies were everywhere and it smelled horrible!! UGH!!! I may be from Georgia but I am not into all that country living like that!! Oh, I guess I will be going and helping him around with the cow but I may have to wear jeans and a mask!! Bradley says I will get use to it but...not sure about that!!
You all have a good day!!
Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!