Monday, June 28, 2010

Thankful Day!!

Oh...I do have so much to be thankful for and I am so very thankful for my Marine!
I love him so very much and he knows it!!

I am waiting patiently to hear from him!! I am waiting to see his little face pop up on facebook!! But still nothing!!

I have so many thoughts running through my head!!

What is he gonna be like?

Is he still gonna love me?

Is he gonna still wanna let me be around and do things with him?

What is he gonna want to do?

When is he gonna call me?

Oh...well I know he is in a safe spot now and I am sure that when he gets a chance he will call me!!

Church was good yesterday...I just had to go and thank him for keeping my son safe and to not forget about all the others over there!! Every one at church is so glad and they sang "I've got so much to be Thankful for" OH...boy do I!!!

Well you all have a wonderful day and if you see that sweet face pop up...tell him his mama loves him!!!

Enjoy your day...Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!


  1. I am being thankful too:) He will still be your sweet Justin and will love you even more than he did when he left! Have a blessed day and he'll call as soon as he can:)

    Love you, SIS

  2. Oh girl,
    You are a BLESSED mess! :-) You have not changed I'm sure. You are still MAMA! Once a mama, always a mama.. Maybe he has changed....well there's no doubt he's changed. After all they go through, it's a certainty.
    But love for Mama?????????????? Could only be changed in one way... LOVES YOU MORE!!!!!
    You know it! So stay excited...Don't let those little nagging worries attach to all the happy butterflies inside. So very happy for you Cindy Lou. We are thrilled Justin is on his way back. What an honorable crew they are...
    God bless. Hugs to Georgia!

  3. !!!YAY!!! I know that your heart is so full & believe it or not it will be even more full when you see that sweet face!!! I ran so hard & fast right into Billy's arms & we laughed & cried!!! Those "funny" feelings do go away, TRUST ME!!! I had my own, they will still LOVE US!! they will WANT TO BE WITH US MAYBE EVEN A BIT MORE!!! And they will always want that spcial home ccoking that only a ommma can give them!!! Hugs to you my dear friend!!! The days are getting closer!!!!! LYLAS!!