Sunday, June 27, 2010

Today is a good day!

Ok...This is Tiffany! Bradley met her last year at PCB and they have been talking since!! They live in Kentucky and her mama drove all the way here so they could visit with each other!! And she is one sweet little girl!! We have enjoyed them being here and will have to take us a trip to Kentucky next...YOUNG LOVE!!!

And well It has been all over the news that my son is leaving Marjah and well as of 8:30 this morning my son will be off the battlefield and well ladies that puts my heart as ease!! It will not be much longer until I get to see this smiling face!!!

and have all 3 of these children together again!!! And so today I have so much to be thankful for and soon will be heading out to my sons homecoming and heart starts doing flips thinking about it!!

But don't stop those many other troops are out there and need our prayers!! It is a dangerous place over there and I have promised that just because Justin may be coming home...I will Keep Praying...IT WORKS!!

But for today it is a GOOD day and I am just on cloud 9!!!! Can't wait for him to call and say he is at camp, or see his face pop up on facebook/ourspace!!!

I hope that each of you have a wonderful day!!


  1. Oh my goodness, Sis... I just looked at the clock to see if it was time yet! I am so thankful to have him STILL safe over there and YES it is very dangerous! I pray for his safety daily and he is about to get him some real food:)

    Cute couple, that Bradley is just precious and so is she! I am happy they came for a visit and I know Bradley enjoyed having her!

    Love you bunches and being thankful!


  2. I am so thrilled for you!!!!! I am sending prayers his way & love & hugs to you :) !!!!! Soon, very very soon HE WILL BE HOME HOME HOME!!!!!!

    Bradley's little lady is a cutie!!! All the way from Kentucky mind you NOW THAT'S LOVE!!! Couldn't you just swoon!!! Oh & he must be SOOO HAPPY THAT YOU BLOGGED ABOUT HIM ;D Hope you have a great day!!! Thinking of you & oh yeah, LYLAS!!!!

  3. Cindy Lou,
    Today is an OUTSTANDING OOO-RAH day. I literally am goose-bump thrilled for you Marine Mama... I thank my Lord today that Justin made it through his first deployment.
    God's planned story for him is well in place and he is coming home! So very very happy for you. Hugs all the way to Georgia. When you do see that Marine, at some point tell him that this Marine mom thanks him, hugs him across the miles, and honors him for his sacrifice and service to protect our people, our country, our freedoms, and our principles. Thank him for his courage and for staying strong. I salute him. God speed 1/6!