Friday, June 11, 2010

She is so sweet!!

This sweet lady is Jeff (my husband) sweet sweet Grand-ma....we all call her Mem-Maw!!!
I have been married for 21 years and Mem-Maw has always love me and I love her!!
We don't get up to see her as we should but when we do...She is just precious to talk to!!
She has a Birthday yesterday so we went up for a visit and took her a little gift!! All she cares about is the visit!! She lives alone and doesn't drive and due to an eye disease she can't see! But she gets around so good...she is 92!!!
Here is her and Jeff!!

This is her little house!! She is just amazing to be 92 and get around and do the things he does!!

And aren't these beautiful!! They are in her yard by the carport!! I just couldn't go visit and not take a picture of them!!

And now I will share a little history with you! I took a picture of some pictures she has sitting around!!
The middle shelf far right picture is Jeff's Senior Picture!! Then the one in the middle is his sister Kay and then the one on the left is Jeff, Kay and Jeff's parents!!

Just fun to look at how with age we ALL change!! And how the styles change too!

Anyone wanna take a guess on who these two are?

Britani and Bradley!!

It is their hospital picture and OMG they were so precious!! All grown up now and still precious!!!

It was a neat visit and I am really glad that we went!! I would love to find more time to go and visit with her!! I felt so bad when she said "Enjoy your busy life...I am here all alone and sometimes I think everyone has forgotten about me!!" So sad!! She has children but they don't visit as they should and I am really gonna try to do better!! Broke my heart!
Ok....well that is about it for me!!
Keep Praying....IT WORKS!!


  1. What a precious lady. I wish I knew her, I'd visit her, too. I miss having grandmothers so much. There's not much sweeter than grandmas. Yes, indeed, pay her a visit more often. And I've never seen that picture of the twins. Girl, they were adorable (still are). Don't you wish you could go back for a day and get you some sweet kisses?

  2. Oh my gosh! What a sweet visit that was, 92... WOW! She is beautiful and I agree, she needs visits more often! Glad you all went and I am sure it made you all feel good AND bad for not seeing that sweet lady on a regular basis! Just correct that and take those twins to visit too:) Love you bunches and enjoy your day!

  3. Oh Cindy Lou,
    my grandmamas are gone. I miss them.- especially my mom's mom. Such a special lady - a role model to me. She was always happy and singing, positive and an encourager! She got her joys out of the simple things in life ( she was a farmers wife!)
    You will have to take Justin to see her. She is from the generation that I know really appreciated and honored their military people!
    Hugs to you from NC!!!

  4. I loved seeing the pictures. It's fun to see pictures from the past. The twins were absolutely precious! Now, they're handsome and beautiful. ;)

    Grandmas are wonderful. It's hard for me not to be able to see mine very often. **sigh** That's one of the parts of military life that is difficult. I also wish that Munchkin was able to see her Grandparents more often.

    I'm glad that you were able to enjoy your visit. Have a wonderful day!

  5. Ah Cindy, my nana passed away a few years ago...we were best friends. I took her out with me all of the time, she was a tiny little thing. One night I ran to WAlmart with Nana & Billy, they were walking ahead of me holding hands going through the parking lot & a lady stopped to tell me how well behaved my "kids" were ~ LOL!!! We got a big kick out of that, Billy was in shock, he yelled that's my great-Nana not a kid!!! Thanks for sharing your day with usS!!! Have a great night! LYLAS!!